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You'd be amazed with the number of women that are yet to master the secrets behind a perfectly applied eye shadow make-up. Ask any makeup expert and they'll quickly tell you that putting on eye shadow requires a lot more skill than handling a brush and pencil. Oh sure, at some point those will definitely count, but there are other factors that people need to take into consideration if they wish to achieve those enviable color shades that successful women and superstars are often photographed with. First on the list is having the right eye shadow palette to begin with. The more colors on your palette the broader your range of options and flexibility will be. 80 to 120 eye shadow palettes are good ranges to work with. You're bound to have all major colors as well as several different shade deviations to make a real difference to your result. Most eye shadow palettes, even the 120 eye shadow palette, are easily portable and can be carried even in the smallest of clasps. The next step towards getting the right results is to pay attention to how you apply your eye shadow.

The object of an eye shadow application is to establish a delicate balance that successfully enhances the look of your eyes. You do not have to use every color on your 120 eye shadow palette. When properly applied, the eye shadow should make your eyes the focal point and not draw attention to the actual application themselves. Since the shape and sizes of the human eye varies with each person, the methods used in achieving these results will differ with each woman. It is therefore important that people learn the application styles that best meet with their looks. Closely linked to the results of eye shadow application is the shade that people use. Generally, it is always advisable for people to work with color shades that compliment the colors of their eyes as well as their skin tones. If people already possess a 120 eye shadow palette, then finding the right color range should not be a problem. The intensity of the eye shadow applied should also vary with the event and occasion. Light shades are ideal for meetings and events during the day while the evening is the best period for using bolder and stronger color shades.

Just as important as to how eye shadow is applied is the brand of eye shadow that people to choose. For the best results, it is advisable for people to rely on credible eye shadow brands. For instance, the 120 eye shadow palettes made by BH cosmetics is a reliable and affordable makeup pack that is used by thousands of women and models. If you're still unsure of the colors and styles that best suit your look, you can always visit a make-up counter and seek for a free consultation. Many of these will be happy to provide you with the assistance that you need. Don't forget to pack your 120 eye shadow palettes along the way though, or you might be forced to buy another. Alternatively, you can learn more about applying eye shadows by visiting helpful sites such as

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