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4 out of every 6 women carry an eye shadow palette in their bag. Make up kits such as the 88 eye shadow palettes are probably the most common female accessory used today. They are used by women of different ages, sex and nationalities. More importantly, in the hands of the right people, the results can usually be relied on to be attractive. There are several factors that contribute to the final results of an eye shadow makeup. The following are a few of these.

  • Your skin tone: The tone of your skin will affect the type of color that you choose from your 88 eye shadow palette. Eye shadows and blushes should compliment your skin tone and not reduce the overall effect. People with darker skins are able to use bolder colors while blushes in the shade of soft pink are typically more ideal for light skins. The amount of eyeshadow that people apply is also affected by the lighting that they expect to be under. Softer shades work better during the day while bolder colors are better suited for the evening.
  • The color of your eyes: Since your eye shadow is going to be applied around the eyes, it is important that people take into consideration the color of their eyes. Avoid using colors that contrast unpleasantly with those of your eyes while blending in with the tone of your skin. Don’t be afraid to try a little experimentation at home. Armed with an 88 eye shadow palette, you’ll be able to find satisfactory results in no time.
  • The position of your eyes: Depending on how far apart your eyes are positioned, eye shadow palettes can either be used in enhancing the gap between them or making the space appear smaller. With the colors available in options such as the 88 eye shadow palette, it is possible for people with narrow eyes to make them wider with a hint of color at the edges. Applying eye shadow definitions to the interior of the eye however will reduce the space between the eyes making them appear even more focused.
  • Your wardrobe: Sometimes, a slight splash of eyeshadow color that compliments a wardrobe is enough to convert a drab casual look to one that is stylishly attractive. Thanks to the wide color option provided by palettes such as the 120 or 88 eye shadow palette, women are able to find the best color blend that goes with their wardrobe. However, it is important that women do not use colors that contrast too sharply with their skin tone when applying their eye makeup.

Naturally, the brand of makeup that people use will contribute to the final visual results. Eye shadow kits that are produced by recognized brands such as the BH cosmetics are generally more reliable and offer a more realistic range of colors that blend in with different skin tones. People can choose from the different palette options—ranging from the 88 eye shadow palette to the 120 palette—by visiting any number of the sites online where they are sold. For more information on where to find the best eye shadow palettes, visit

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