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It doesn’t take much to understand the benefits of using eyeshadow palettes. When applied correctly, eye shadows can almost always be trusted to make a woman appear more attractive. A delicate stroke carefully placed or the introduction of a deeper shade can change the modest look of a woman’s eye into a bold and enchanting gaze that most will find attractive. With so many different colors and blushes available, it is possible for women to find a color tone that correctly blends in with their skin tone, wardrobe and the natural colors of their eyes. The following are some important tips on how to get the right results with the use of your 88 eyeshadow palette.
  • Get to know your Eye: Since you’re going to be applying eyeshadow around your eyes, it is only right that you take steps towards understanding it better. Most people have different eye structure in relation to the shape of their head. Some people have large eyes, some have small eyes and others have mono-lids. The way your eyes are outlined with eyeshadow will be affected by these factors.

  • Consider the space between your eyes: While some people have eyes that are closely spaced, others have eyes that are set at a farther distance from each other. The different colors available in an 88 eyeshadow palette can be used in either reducing the width or increasing the space based on the results that people are hoping to achieve. Applying more eyeshadow on the inside corners of the eye will reduce the gap between them while application s on the external borders will achieve the opposite result.

  • Don’t overdo it: With so many colors found in larger makeup sets such as those of the 88 eyeshadow palette, there is always the temptation to overreach and experiment with as many colors as possible. Don’t do this. A good rule of thumb is never to exceed a maximum of four different shades (including your applied highlights). The aim after all is to draw admiring attention to your eyes and not looks of shock. Most times however, two shades which complement each other are often enough to achieve the right results.

There are other important tips to getting the right eyeshadow results. For instance, it is important to always take your skin tone as well as the color of your eyes into consideration. It is also rarely a good idea to replicate the look you have seen on someone else unless you are sure that your eyes will be able to pull it off. The type of eyeshadow hat you use will also affect your appearance. It is usually safer to rely on credible brands such as the BH cosmetics 88 eyeshadow palettes for your makeup. These do not only offer better pigmentations and nicer shades, they also produce a better emphasis on your eyes just like you will want them too. You can learn more about eyeshadow applications, as well as the different available palette options by visiting

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