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Eye shadows are really effective. A touch here, a dab there and presto, the eyes really do become the doorway to the soul. There are many rules associated with achieving the best makeup results. But makeup professionals are unanimous in the view that the makeup applied to the eyes will affect the eventual visual results. Depending on the color shades chosen from a palette eye shadow, women can look demurely attractive, bold, focused or daring. The results can range from truly amazing to downright alarming depending on how they are applied. Many women have spent years learning the secrets behind how to use a palette eyeshadow kit. Some never even do. The following are some of the rules that should guide the use of palette eyeshadow.
  • Not every woman is the same:
    The problem with trying to replicate the looks carried by supermodels and media icons is that there is no guarantee that the results will be the same. The secret behind the successful application of eyeshadow does not just lie in how it is applied but the features that it complements. There are several features that contribute to the results of an eyeshadow application. Some of these include the color of the eye, the surrounding skin tone and the position and shape of the eye. Since these are bound to vary, it is always advisable to search for the colors on your palette eyeshadow that best blends with your facial assets.
  • Don’t overdo it:
    Eye shadow colors do not become more attractive when they are overdone. If anything, they will likely ruin the final results. Instead, when applying eye shadow, it is best to gently use colors that compliment the skin tone as well as the eye color. Color combinations should never exceed more than four. It is also a good idea to ensure that the color tones applied to the lower eyelids do not appear lighter than the upper eyelid. Although makeup artists sometimes extend the application of their eye shadow to regions beyond the eyebrow curve, most people traditionally apply more restraint during their application.
  • Choose a good palette eyeshadow:
    Like most cosmetic products, the quality of an eyeshadow palette will affect the final results. High quality brand—such as the 120 eyeshadow palette produced by BH cosmetics—will provide women with a broad range of colors that they can work with. The colors found in such makeup palettes also offer better pigmentation options that are guaranteed to blend in better with light or dark skin types.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment:

You’ll not unlock the secrets behind using your palette eyeshadow by until you actually practice a little with it. Take time out and experiment with the different color options that are at your disposal. The more you learn about your skin type and the colors that best blends with it, the better your final results and skills will become. There are many website online that provide invaluable tips on how you can improve the results of your eyeshadow application. An example of one such site can be found at

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