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Working with the Right Eye makeup Keywords: eye makeup Coco Chanel-arguably one of the greatest designers to come out of France-once famously said on the subject of makeup; "Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty." The woman had a point. When it comes to looking beautiful, using the right type of makeup will go a long way in improving the assets of your face. The eyes are one of the most striking part of the face. It is why they are often described as the window or doorway into the soul. They serve as the focal point of the face because it is usually one of the first things that most people tend to notice when staring at you. A carefully applied eye make-up job can greatly enhance the attraction of a face. Poorly applied eye makeup can however make people look less attractive than they really are. There are different eye makeup techniques for different people. A style that turns out being highly attractive on one person might not exactly translate into the same thing when replicated on you.

If you wish to get the best outcome of your eye makeup you will need to take into consideration your own features and then work on improving them with the use of the right makeup tools. For example, if you have almond shaped eyes, you will be able to get the best results out of your eye makeup by creating an attractive contrast between your brow bone and eyelids. Be sure to choose a color that contrasts pleasantly with the color of your eyes. On the other hand, people with round eyes tend to prefer eye makeup techniques that can be used in elongating the visual look of their eyes. Eye makeup can also be used in extended or reducing the gap between the eyes. People with close set eyes can create an illusion of having wider eyes with the careful use of darker shades of eye makeup at the outer edges of their eyes. In the same way, people with wide set eyes or deep set eyes improve the appearance of these features with the right use of makeup.

Ultimately though, in order to achieve results that appear natural and beautiful, you will need to ensure that you have the right eye makeup tools with the right range of colors. That's where quality comes into play. Professional designers rely on recognized makeup brands for a reason. They guarantee more reliable and long lasting results when applied. Using eye makeup manufactured by brands such as BH cosmetic will go a long way in improving the way your eyes look. Many of the kits produced by BH cosmetics have as much as 120 different vivid colors. With that kind of support in your hand, it's hard to see your makeup session being anything less than a success. If you wish to learn more about where you can find the best eye makeup kits, visit
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