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Making your Blue Eyes Sparkle Keywords: eyeshadow for blue eyes 'The best thing is to look natural but it takes makeup to look natural'-true words from the legendary fashion designer, Calvin Klein. These days, millions of women have become familiar about the benefits of makeup. It is not uncommon for makeup kits to be found in the handbag and purses of women. But even though most women possess makeup kits, very few of them understand how to use it. In the end it all boils down to the colors that you are working with. Not every color in your eyeshadow palette will turn you into a beauty queen. Truth be told, choosing the right eye makeup is not always easy. You need to take into consideration the size of your face, your facial features as well as the color of your eyes. In the case of people with blue eyes, their choice in eyeshadow will need to closely reflect the consideration of their eye color. The best colors in eyeshadow for blue eyes are the shades that highlight the eyes bring more focus on their beauty. It is therefore best to only rely on lighter color shades as these will contrast better with your eyes, Shades such as brown and lavender are great choices of eyeshadow for blue eyes. Darker colors will create brooding results that will distract from the beauty of the eyes.

Despite what many people might thing, using blue eye shadow is also not a good idea because it reduces the impact of your eyes. The secret to getting the best results with your eyeshadow for blue eyes is to make it look as natural as possible. Avoid going for really dramatic shades. Instead choose colors that compliment your eyes without contrasting too sharply with your skin. You'll find it even easier to do this if you limit your choice of colors to only two or three shades. Getting the right eyeshadow for blue eyes will also mean having the right makeup palette to work with. You should choose makeup palettes that have a broad range of colors with natural pigmentation that will blend in effortlessly with your skin. You can also improve the results of your eyeshadow application by making proper use of your liners and applying proper foundation. Like your choice in colors for eyeshadow for blue eyes, avoid using dark colors when shaping your eyes. Instead of using black eyeliners consider using softer shades of brown which will draw a lot more attention to your eyes. Using softer colors will also give you a more natural look.

There are many great makeup palettes that you can use in achieving the best results with your eye shadow. If you're looking for a good kit, then you might want to consider eyeshade palettes made by BH cosmetics. With as much as 120 different colors, palettes produced by BH cosmetics will give you a wide range of colors to work. You'll be able to choose from dozens of different vivid eyeshadow for blue eyes that will blend in effortlessly with your skin. You'll learn more about your options by visiting
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