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Shading in the Beauty of Your Brown Eyes keywords: eyeshadow for brown eyes Anyone who has tried putting on eye shadow for another friend will immediately realize one important fact-the colors of the eye really do matter. You can't use the same colors from an eyeshadow palette with one person and then hope that similar results will just be as appealing on another person. To get the right blend between your use of eye shadow and the eyes, it is essential that you take into consideration the colors of the eye, the tone of the skin and the surrounding facial features. How you apply makeup to the surrounding area of your eye is important. Your choice in eye color palette will affect if your eyes stand out or appear hidden and brooding. To enhance the look of your eyes, you should choose eye shades with colors that gently contrast with your eyes. A good eyeshadow for brown eyes is green. Using green will enhance the tone and beauty of your brown eyes making them appear even more striking. Be careful to alternate the intensity of your eyeshadow for brown eyes. Light to medium shades of green are better choices during the day, while darker shades will be more suitable if you are going out at night or plan on staying in areas where artificial lighting will be used.

To ensure that you have more creative options, make sure that you choose an eyeshadow palette that has a broad enough range of color shades. For instance, a 120 eye shadow palette will be a good choice. There are several ways that you can improve the outcome of your eyeshadow makeup. For example, you can use a good concealer to hide any circles that you might have around or under your eyes. Working with a concealer will also give you an effective foundation which will allow the results of your eyeshadow to stand out better. You should also use deep color eyeliners to frame your eyes. Eyeliners in shades of emerald will give your brown eyes a hint of gold. Do not be shy to experiment with other colors. For the crowning touch, you can enhance the thickness of your lower and upper eyelashes with black mascara. Do not overindulge with either your eyeliner or mascara. Most times a coat of mascara is all that you will need. Using reliable cosmetic brands will contribute to the eventual beauty of your results. These are more likely to have the natural eyeshadows with rich pigmentation that you need for your makeup.

They are also able to last for much longer and are gentler on the skin. Contrary to what many people might suggest, buying brands made by recognized producers is really very affordable. One of the leading producers of makeup kits is BH cosmetics. With the use of their eyeshadow palettes, you'll be able to get truly natural results. You can buy eyeshadow kits that offer you as much as 120 different vivid shades for your eyes. For details on how to order your makeup kit, visit
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