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Choosing the Right Eyeshadow for Green Eyes keywords: Eyeshadow for green eyes Green eyes are mysterious, beautiful, intriguing and-yes-definitely attractive. Why would you therefore want to hide yours? When it comes to choosing the right makeup for your face, the most effective way of highlighting the beauty of your green eyes is to use the right eyeshadow in relation with your facial features. Odds are that you are likely to have some difficulties achieving the right results with your eyeshadow on your very first try. That's okay. Most people do not become professional makeup experts overnight. Some people even spend years before they are able to develop really good makeup skills. However, with the right amount of practice and patience, you will be able to learn the art behind choosing the right Eyeshadow for green eyes. There are several important dos and don'ts when it comes to applying eyeshadow for your green eyes. For instance, despite how convincing the argument might sound, you should never give into the urge of applying green Eyeshadow for green eyes. Using green eyeshadow will blunt the intensity and focus of your eyes, drawing attention away from them.

Instead of using green eyeshadows, you should choose other colors that complement your green eyes. When you go shopping for an eyeshadow palette, look for options that offer you natural shades of brown, purple or pink. Each of these shades will achieve different results with your eyes. Using bronze or brown eyeshadow for example will make your eyes float more and provide them with a hint of blue. Similar attractive results can be found with the use of soft natural colors such as reddish lavender. For the best results, you should pick a makeup palette that has rich color pigmentation. Another important thing to avoid when choosing Eyeshadow for green eyes is going overboard with your choice of colors. You don't need to splash your face with drastic shades to draw attention to your eyes. The best results in makeup are those that draw attention to your face and not to the actual makeup. Using a good base and primer before you begin will make your applied Eyeshadow for green eyes stand out more vividly with more natural results.

You can also increase the focus of your eyes, by increasing the detail in the inner or outer corners of your eyelids (depending on if you have close set or wide set eyes). Be sure to apply your makeup as neatly as possible. If you are using a concealer, blend away any hard lines to achieve a more natural finish. Do not leave any exposed skin between your applied eye shadow make up. Like most cosmetics, you will be able to ensure the best outcome by using reliable eye makeup products. A good choice that is worth considering is BH cosmetics. With dozens of makeup palettes available in a wide range of colors, you are guaranteed to find the best shades for your green eyes. For more information about the different eyeshadow products available to you, visit
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