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If you've ever played the game titled "Name ten things in my handbag" then you probably already know that the first answer out of the ten probable options is a make up palette. Young, old, married or single-most women carry at least one of these in their handbags. There are several kinds of makeup palettes available. People can choose to use makeup palettes hosting less than a dozen colors or kits with as much as 120 colors. The advantages of using a make up palette are fairly obvious. Not everyone wakes up every morning looking like Cindy Crawford. No, not even Cindy Crawford. Before women can enjoy that flawless look comprising of finely arched eyebrows, gentle cheek highlights and the subtleness of pink on the lips, they will need to spend a few minutes in front of a mirror with their make up palette set. When working with a make up palette, it is always advisable to refrain from using too many color tones. A maximum of four colors (including those of the facial foundation) is generally a good rule to follow. These colors should also complement each other and not contrast unpleasantly. The aim should always be to enhance the finer features of the face and not overshadow it. The amount of makeup applied typically varies with the time of the day.

Softer shades appear a lot better under the natural light of the day and are more preferable for periods at work. Bolder colors, on the other hand, are more suited for the evening periods where artificial lighting is going to be used. The colors of a make up palette can also be used in introducing hints of depths or angles to a person's facial features. For example, women with irregular gaps between their eyes can increase or decrease the distance with the careful use of the right makeup. The choice of Make up palettes should also be affected by the number of colors that are available in the makeup palette. Working with a broad enough color option will allow people to achieve the best results in their blend of colors. This is particularly important because the type of colors that people can use will be restricted by the colors of their skin. For example, when working with blush make up palettes, light skin people will find shades of pink a more preferable option while color such as orange or apricot will appear a lot better on people who have deep tans.

There are several brands that have become widely preferred options amongst women and professional makeup stylists because of the quality of the different products. An example of one of these is BH cosmetics. Users of BH cosmetics are able to choose from a wide range of make up palettes ranging from eyebrow palettes to blush kits. Make up palettes under the BH brand are also available in several different natural color shades that blend effectively with most skins. For more information on the different palette options available, visit
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