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As women, it is not enough for us to simply carry makeup palettes in our handbags; we need to be able to learn how to use them successfully as well. The difference between the stunning results of a makeup application and the unflattering tones of a poorly applied touch up lies in the way the colors of makeup palettes are used and applied. Good makeup results rarely occur accidentally. In order to look good, women will need to work actively towards this result. The first rule that every woman needs to remember is that not every color found in makeup palette is guaranteed to serve them well. This is particularly important for makeup palettes that sport more than 100 different shades of color. Women should therefore take some time to discover the color tones that best blends with their skin and eyes tone. It is certainly okay to experiment a little at home. You can also visit a cosmetic department store and request for some advice on the subject.

There are several parts of the face that are more commonly attended to during a makeup session. For instance, the eyes are an important part of any makeup application. When choosing the colors out of makeup palettes it is always best to pick out rich shades that compliment your eye color. Some colors which tend to suit most complexions include green, sapphire and purple. The eventual tone should however be moderated with the light of the day. Smoldering looks are better carried at night while lighter applications tend to radiate better under the natural light of the day. The looks of the eyes can also be further enhanced with the careful application of eye shadow. Eye shadow makeup palettes can be used in defining the shape of the eyes or increasing/decreasing the visual appearance of the width and position of the eyes. During application, it is typically better to keep the color tone of eye shadow on the upper eyelid lighter than the shade below. This will create a more natural and attractive look.

Most women also traditionally restrict the application of their eye shadow to the contours and outlines of their brow. Few makeup palettes are complete without the inclusion of a blush palette. Rosy cheeks can always be relied on to bring a cheerful glow to a woman's face. Depending on the color shades that are chosen, blush makeup palettes can also be used to improve the look of the skin, hiding unwanted blemishes and improving the skin tone. They are also used in highlighting the facial features of the face such as drawing attention to the facial cheek bones which can make a face look thinner or wider. There are many credible makeup brands that can be relied on for the best results. For example, makeup palettes under the BH cosmetic brand are commonly recommended and used by makeup artists. Easily affordable, BH cosmetic palettes offer a rich range of colors that will provide women with the best results in their makeup.
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