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Every morning, thousands of women struggle with the application of their makeup. What comes naturally to some of us is a lesson in pigmented frustration for others. Like it or not, it is not every woman that possesses the flawless or friendly skin that is common amongst most models. In order to appear appealing or attractive, women will need to choose the right colors and shades from their palette cosmetics. Colors that are guaranteed to compliment their skin tone or facial structures. Subtleness is an unspoken rule when using palette cosmetics. No woman wants to walk around with a face that is painted a disturbing shade of red, yellow or blue. The best makeup results are those that where the colors work together towards highlighting the best features of a woman's face without drawing too much attention to the shades chosen. Makeup is supposed to enhance and not rudely stand out. There are several key components behind good makeup results. One of these is the quality of the foundation.

A good foundation is one that matches the color tone of the skin. Subtleness as well as flexibility is golden rule here. In order to achieve the best results, it is important for women to have palette cosmetic kits that offer as wide a range of color shades as possible. The more colors available, the easier it will be for women to find and use the right balance amongst the different options. Outside the application of a good foundation, women will also need to pay attention to the other features of their face such as their lips, cheek bones and eyes. With the use of the right eyeliner and eye shadow palette, it is possible for a woman to improve the attraction and focus of her eyes. However, this has to be done correctly. Although colors such as green, brown, blue and pink are common eye shadow options, the color tones will be affected as much by the type of light under which they will be viewed as well as the shape, size and position of the eyes.

Most women prefer to use their eye shadow alongside the length of their brows in order to create natural results. To achieve better visual results with the eyes, it is always advisable for women to use a darker shade of eye shadow for their bottom of their eyes while applying a lighter shade at the tip. Next to the use of eye enhancing cosmetics, women can also improve the structure and tone of their other facial features with the use of other palette cosmetics such as lipstick and a blush palette. Most lipstick colors are typically found in shades of pink, red and brown while the color used from a blush palette will depend on the color of the skin. The darker the skin tone, the bolder the colors that people can use. Light blush colors such as pink are more effective on people with lighter skin. Much of the results obtained with palette cosmetics will be affected by the brand that women decide to use. For long lasting appealing results, it is advisable that women use recognized cosmetic brand such as those found under the BH cosmetic label.
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