2012 Spring & Summer Lip Trends + A Chance to WIN (closed)

BH Lip Glosses in Plain Jane, Studious & 80's Diva
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Hi BH blog readers! This is Julia, the official Makeup Artist at BH Cosmetics! This is my first blog post, and I’m happy to give you my two cents on all things beauty.

The bright, neon colors of the Spring & Summer lip trend has been all the talk these days, and we are happy to follow! This is a major trend that I’m seeing on runways, celebs, and on the streets. I try to wear a different lip color every day with the help of our 32 and 66 Color Lip Palettes, BH Lip Gloss Collection, and Waterproof Lip Liners. There are so many colors…sometimes it’s too hard to choose! Here are photos of a few of my favorites for this upcoming Summer season. You will see how using a lip liner with your lip gloss creates much fuller lips – love that.


Products in the photos include the following:

BH Lip Gloss in Plain Jane, 80′s Diva, Studious

Waterproof Lip Liners in Nude, Raspberry, Blossom

*Contest is now CLOSED*

Tell us: Do you prefer wearing bold and bright makeup or soft pastel makeup? Comment for a chance to win all 10 of our Lip Glosses (contest closes June 30)!

Yours Truly,


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  1. i love wearing bright and bold makeup…. love to stand out

  2. I loving wearing more of a soft pastel, Im always on the go with work, school, and my children. So i like to look cute and nice all day long.

  3. It depends on the situation and how I’m feeling, really. I wear bold makeup when I’m feeling fierce and want to turn heads. I love softer pastels for days when I feel a bit more subtle and ladylike- when I want people to smile looking at me. I wonder if this made any sense…

  4. I love a colorful eye. My favorite look is a smoky eye and a nude lip. Subtle yet eye-catching.

  5. I absolutely love bright colored lip glosses especially when I wear a light eyeshadow (;

  6. I tend to use soft pastels for my lippers :D and I tend to use bold and bright colors for my eyes :D

  7. I love wearing bright bold lipstick I love when it pops :)

  8. Which color is lip nr 3?

    • Here’s a list of products used for each picture:

      1) Studious + Blossom

      2) Studios

      3) Plain Jane + Nude

      4) Plain Jane

      5) 80′s Diva + Rasberry

      6) 80′s Diva

  9. Love wearing bold colors

  10. hi.. i was wacthing so many reviews about bh cosmetics on youtube and decided to order many products rightaway :)hopefully i m gonna recieve those soon :)i m so excited and can’t wait to try those products….:D

    i found them on really low priced so i m telling all my family and friend about BH cosmetics sometime people think perhaps bh cosmetics is paying me to advertise hahaha:D

  11. haha :D i was so excited so i forgot to tell that i usually wear soft lipcolours but some times on some special occasions i wear bright and bold colours too :)

  12. I love to wear both. But if I had to choose I would pick soft pastel. I just love like baby pink and nude color lips. <3

  13. usually i wear soft colours on my lips but on special occasions i love to wear bold and bright lipcolours :)

  14. I love wearing soft pastels and every now and then, make a statement with a bold color

  15. I love wearing a bold lip liner first then layering it with a more toned down color for the ultimate everyday flirty look!

  16. I love wearing both looks. I go bold sometimes, but usually, I’m more into muted looks with a pop of color.

  17. I wear both and it usually depends on my mood or where I’m going. Color is Always a good thing no matter what! Its always fun to see how your mood can change when you add a pop of color =)

  18. I tend to wear more nuetrals but im sooo loving neons this summer

  19. I like the soft tones

  20. I love to wear soft colors. Then once in a while spice it up and add a bold lip color :)

  21. Soft pastel colors

  22. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the new bright bold colors you guys are bringing out for Spring and Summer! I keep the eye makeup simple and let my lips do that talkin’ ;)

  23. I always prefer bright and bold. I dig hot pinks and bright reds.

  24. These shades are awesome, i love the 80′s diva shade! :)

  25. I like wearing soft pastel colors. They fit me.

  26. I like to try all colors no matter what color it is… :)

  27. Love these colors! <3

  28. Those are wonderfully beautiful!

    Would love to have my hands or lips on these. :)

  29. I Love To Wear Bright , Bold, And Daring Colors ^_^ Sometimes Its Good To Take A Lil Risk … GO BOLD :D

  30. I love to wear both!!!!!pastel when am going for that soft look and bold when i am feeling a bit RISKY;)

  31. Love nude or pink lips. Always always always!!!

  32. I love to wear subtle shades just because I love to wear bold and colorful eyeshadows.. I feel that tooo much brightness on the eyes and lips at the same time is TOO MUCH for the look! :) but also wear bright on the lips when its more subtle makeup look

  33. I L.O.V.E BH Cosmetics! I like both Bright and Bold and Soft pastel make-up, It really just depends on my mood,out-fit or wherever I’m going! BH is always my go to make-up for any kind of look!<3 :)

    • I L.O.V.E BH Cosmetics! I like both Bright and Bold and Soft pastel make-up, It really just depends on my mood,out-fit or wherever I’m going! BH is always my go to make-up for any kind of look!<3

  34. 80′s diva<3

  35. I love wearing both, depending on my mood or what I’m wearing. I love nude and coral colored lips.

  36. I prefer soft pastel colours, but sometimes i like to add in a pop of colour into my pastel makeup so that it won’t be so mundane. :D I love pairing soft eyeshadows with a bright liner and soft pink lips! :)

  37. I always wear bold and bright! My go to color is Red. RED as Red can be

  38. Sometimes I like to go wild with my eyes or cheeks and keep the lips simple or switch it up and have fun with lip colors but a pop of color on my lips is always a fun way to express my personality :D

  39. I can’t really say that I have a favorite, it depends on my mood, what’s going on for the day and what I’m wearing. I love to mix things up and play around with new looks day to day. I love all makeup and all shades and colors!

  40. I love wearing nude and soft colors on my lips

  41. I love soft pastels!!

  42. i prefer to wear bold eyes and nude or pastel lips. I always think i look weird with bright lips so i rarely do it unless its a lip gloss, i just cant seem to make lipstick look right.

  43. I like wearing both depending on how I’m feeling that day.

  44. Me personally, I absolutely love bold and bright make up, I <3 for it to stand out..

  45. I prefer the bright bold it makes everything pop! With a bright and bold lip your outfit just looks more put together.

  46. I love mixing it up with both pastel and bright’s it really depends on the setting and mood

    I love all things color <3 hope to win!

  47. I wear usually soft pastel colors I only wear bright colors if there is a special occasion

  48. roses r red

    violets r blu

    bh cosmetics are for me to impress u

  49. i wear both it just depends on my attitude, im either feeling bold and sassy with the bright, or pastel colors to feel nice and attractive.

  50. I prefer soft pastels, but occasionally I like to punch up my look with something bright.

  51. It really does depend on my day…If Im feeling light and breezie, my make up is light, pinks or neutrals..If Im dressed to impress, Im rockin’ the bold and beautiful colours…But my lips are always bold…from bright pinks to reds and purples. :)

  52. im loving these bold colors they are putting out!!

    im a standout type of girl and im digging them alot!! <3

  53. soft pastel colors for my eyes and bold colors for my lips !!

  54. I love to wear both. It really depends on my mood and what I am wearing that day/night.

  55. I love wearing Bright and Bold makeup because i love to stand out and have people ask me about how i do my makeup (: Makeup is my passion so i love to share it :D and my fave head turning look is a rainbow eye using the 2nd edition palette (:

  56. I really love both. Mixing a bold, vibrant lip can be so much fun when paired with an understated eye!

  57. I Loove bright makeup, as long as it’s not tacky looking!( :

  58. I like both ~ depends on the day ~ Go BOLD when I dress up for sure!

  59. I usually feel like I have to wear soft pastel shades because my skin tone is very pink and soft. But everynow and again I like to surprise my husband with a bright shade or two

  60. I like to wear both looks. Pastel makeup for the office and bold and bright makeup on weekends for the party!

  61. I like to wear soft pastel colors. I believe they bring more attention to your facial features and pastel colors can go with anything you wear and any occasion!

  62. Lovely colors…

  63. I like to wear bold colors to match my outfits. I always get tons of compliments!

  64. I love to wear both. But if I had to choose i choose bold and bright :)

  65. I normally prefer soft pastel colors, but I will rock bolder colors if I am going out for the night :D

  66. I normally wear soft pastels rather than bright and bold colors.

  67. I love to wear Bold and bright color on my lips and eyes! (not at the same time though!)

  68. Do you prefer wearing bold and bright makeup or soft pastel makeup?

    I love both makeup looks! Its fun to do different looks and change things up sometimes!

    I prefer wearing soft pastel makeup when my outfit is very stylish, trendy, bold and vivid with lots of different colours and jewellery (Soft browns for eyes, soft pink/coral blush and nude lip). I prefer bold and bright makeup when my outfit is simple and classy, so my makeup stands out (Hot pink lip, bronzed cheeks, and colourful eye shadows).

  69. It depends on my mood love wearing all types of color. Love everything:)

  70. I love wearing bright and bold lipstick

  71. I love to wear both. Bright for when i really want to stand out in a crowd and natural for when I want to have a soft but innocent look. I just love to have fun with it.

  72. i love to wear both but now that its summer time i love the bright colors.

  73. It all depends on the outfit but fit the mist part i like more neutral colors since I’m constantly running around with my baby.

  74. I prefer wearing bold and bright makeup because it is eye catching and it makes one stand out. I love being different.

  75. I love love wearing bold bright glosses! There beyond fabulous absurd love to standout!;)

  76. Lovee all these colors I’ve bought a few myself on top of my huge collection of pallets (:

    I wishh I could do more of a bold lip myself, but I don’t think it fits me well, I makeup for that with bold eyes though.

    I lovee my BH cosmetics especially because those are my initials.<3

  77. I love the soft pastel makeup look i think a subtle look goes a very long way and even mixing it up on special occasions


  79. I Like a soft look because its great for any occassion

  80. Love these…not everyone has these perfect shaped lips but lovin the colors<3

  81. I love wearing bright colors on my lips! But sometimes I like soft colors

  82. Maybe not bright, but definitely bold. And I always use waterproof lip liner with my glosses! I am forever telling ladies to do this. It makes your lips look fuller, and also helps the gloss to stay on longer.

  83. I love bright and bold makeup! I like using eyeshadow and lip colors that are bright and head turning!! Even with neutral makeup, I like to go all out!! I love makeup, it’s like my favorite thing in the cosmetics world!!! ;)

  84. For me, it all depends on what I’m wearing and how I’m feeling! But, I usually go with a bold and bright look, because it suits what I am wearing and my personality more. :)

  85. I love bold bright colours for that quirky retro look, paired with a black winged eyes!

    I also like nude shades when going for a more ‘reserved’ 1960s look. My BH 120 eye shadow palette is perfect for achieving both bold and nude looks. These lip glosses would be an AWESOME addition to my ever growing make-up collection! :-)

  86. I like both looks a lot, but I love wearing bold bright colors! It’s a lot of fun to create different looks with different colors. You can be so creative!

  87. I love lip color in any shade!!! Lip color is awesome because they allow you to stay trendy without spending a ton of money!!!

  88. I love to wear both. But if I had to choose I would pick soft pastel. Beautiful colors, and I do dare to be bold once in a while.

  89. Pastels during winter because that’s when my skin is light and bright during summer to make me POP and stand out!

  90. I love the nude one, all of these colors are amazing!! I love bh makeup!

  91. Hello, I am very outgoing person. I sometimes say lip-gloss can either make or break an outfit. I adore both Bold&Bright color lip-gloss. My sister and I are beautygurus’ on youtube. It would be my pleasure to get a sample(s) of you guys products, not only that, but to use it in our videos. Please send me anything if your able. Thank you so much.

  92. Bright colors are my favorite. I like to be bold and colorful. (:

  93. I love wearing a bright & bold Look. Especially to the office!

    Ill still rock that look when im older ;)

  94. yes i love to wear bold colors it gives a strong felling and confident <3 sometime it depends on the situation too.

  95. I love nude lips, but it never hurt to do bold every now & then :o)

  96. I like almost all the colors. It really depends on the type of look im going for. I like to be able to change it up.

  97. As a woman on the go all the time I love lip gloss the most easy to put on n I love all colors bright, bold n pastel :)

  98. You just gotta know how to play with both of them. You can’t have a fabulous outfit and amazing makeup with drab lips. Going with bold lips is when you’re feeling fierce and you don’t mind grabbing everyone’s attention. And softer colors are great when your outfit or other make up already grabs enough attention!

  99. I love wearing all kinds of different shades, for me it depends on what color matches my outfit and what color I feel like wearing:) bright pinks, reds, dark pinks, nude I love all of these colors amy of them look fantastic!

  100. I like light natural colours for my lips!

  101. I wear both! If I am doing a neutral eye, I like to pair it with a bold lip. Sometimes I like to have a colorful or dramatic eye though and I don’t want the attention to be taken away from that, so I keep the lips soft! :)

  102. I love changing up my lip gloss. :)

  103. Soft pastel in the daytime and bold at night!

  104. I love wearing bold and bright makeup!

  105. These colors are outrageously gorgeous! Bright is beautiful and I’m glad to see that this trend has turned it into something fun with a hint of sophistication.

  106. I love wearing both

  107. I love wearing both! It depends on the occasion. I am a mother, and when taking my children to school, I wear softer, lighter colors. If going on a date with my husband, I will wear brighter, bolder, sexier colors. Whatever the occasion, I cannot live without my BH eye shadow paletes, lip liners, primer, or lip palette. It is simply the best makeup! People always ask me what makeup I am wearing, and because of this, I have turned many on to BH, and we cannot stop bragging about the pigments, staying power, and quality. I LOVE YOU BH COSMETICS and I simply love the nude color lipglosses. Wow! So exciting!

  108. In this period I prefer wearing bold and bright makeup :)

  109. I like to mix it up! Would be easy with all these colors!

  110. It really depends on the occasion, but most of the time, I often go soft and pastel as I wouldn’t want to over due the make up look for a typical day at work (& given that I work at a coffee shop, no need to have such flashy make up.) However, if it’s date night, night on the town, or a club/girls night I am most def going bright and bold.

  111. I love makeup, the brighter the better :D i never win anything… but can’t win unless I try :)

  112. My usual go-to lipcolor is soft pastels but I love bright corals for summer!

  113. I love wearing warm nuetral colors, because I love playing up my eyes. Keeping the lips nuetral and warm with a dramatic eye adds balance to the overall look so you won’t look over-done or too made up! Otherwise, I will sometimes do just the opposite and wear a bold color on the lips with a simple looking natural eye (gotta add the falsies).

  114. I wear both bright and bold and soft pastels, it all just depends on the mood that im in

  115. I love both bright and soft colors, the colors are awesome, I want to have them

  116. I generally prefer lighter colours or pastels for my shadows, but I do enjoy a bold lip. These colours are fabulous! I can’t wait to try one, or two, or… :)

  117. i love wearing bright colours especially on my lips

  118. I love wearing bright and bold colors because I tend to wear minimal eye makeup or more natural makeup and having a bright and bold lip color brings a pop of color to my face!

  119. I love natural lip colours but in summer i tend to wear more bright colours that pop out.

    I have the Pink colour from BH Cosmetics which I REALLY love.

    Being a make up student I tend to experiment a lot with colours.


  120. Soft pastels :) its cute and works for every occasion <3

  121. I usually wear soft pastel colors on my eyes, lips and cheeks, but if I am going to go out and have some fun, I will do a bright bold eye in golds and silvers, maybe bold pinks or blues to change it up. Bu I always stay soft pink on my lips so that the attention is on my eyes (my best feature).

  122. Bold and bright makeup definitely! I like making a statement with my makeup… I’m young and love having fun!

  123. It’s all about mixing and matching! Bright and Bold eyes, then toned down pastel lips.

    Pastel Eyes, then a bright lip! Love mixing it up!!

  124. Omgosh.. These looks absolutely amazing

  125. I like bright and soft colors, I will die for them.

  126. I say BRIGHT and BOLD! I prefer the bolder makeup because it not only makes the person wearing it more intensified, it makes an ordinary day vivid for you and those who surround you.It’s also a way to express yourself without saying a word! Color is the way to go, especially for this summer!!! It’s great to try new things, and I wouldn’t throw out the idea of soft pastels, but once you experience the beauty of a bold pink, you can’t turn back!

  127. I have always love wearing summer colors at any season. It looks natural and refreshing, too!

  128. I prefer, pink soft look on me because I have big lips so I prefer simple <3

  129. I actually love wearing both nude and bright colors..

  130. I love both! They each has their own place in the makeup line. If I had to pick one…I just couldnt especially from this collection! They’re all just so FABULOUS!!

  131. Love love love these gorgeous colors!!!

  132. I love wearing bright bold colors during spring and summer! They’re the way to go if you want to spice up a cute outfit!

  133. love the new lip gloss colors there GORGEOUS, HOT & SEXY. these colors I would love to have…. (>_<) <3 <3 <3

  134. I love bright bold colors anywhere and time of the day but some times it depends if that’s appropriate for for my destination Makeup is great in it self but i love to ware the makeup not let the make up wear me

  135. I prefer to wear soft pastel lip colours. My lips are pretty small so I find it hard to pull bold lip colours off. It’s a shame really. I wish I could wear bright orange/pink/red/purple lip colours.

  136. I wear soft pastel colors when I’m just out to be out or just walking around campus, but when it comes to going out with my girlfriends, taking pictures, or going on dates, I LOVE bright and bold! It makes me feel like I’m noticed and I always get more compliments with the bold and bright than with soft pastel colors. I love BOTH, but soft pastel are definitely a more frequently used colors! I have the Plain Jane and the Studious! I WANT ALL OF THEM!!

  137. I love BH Cosmetics.! Honestly I would usually wear soft colors but I would try them all on. I think that they would be very good on me

  138. I love all colors, bold and soft! Reds pinks nuetrals they are all fabulous, I lile how reds and pinks look on my but nude and beige colors look nice sometimes also. I like to base the color of my make up on the color and style of my out fit and my outfit always depends on what I feel like that day, it always depends :) but I deffintaly love lip gloss my favorite accessory :))

  139. I LOVE doing both!!! A lot of times I do I natural colors on my eyes and lips. But there ARE some days when I’m feelin’ Bright and Cheery and get out my fun lip shades!! Hot pinks, bright reds and what not! :) I do prefer going natural though, because that’s always the best way to bring out your natural beauty! A lot of times using to much make up takes away of your natural beauty; you don’t want that. But hey, it’s totally okay to go BRIGHT and COLORFUL every now and then! We’re girls…that’s what we do! :)

  140. I love the bright and bold and the natural, just depends on the day/event. I do love playing with color and experimenting with makeup, finding new things to do with what I have, and that is why bright colors are so fun for me!!

  141. I like to wear pastel for everyday wear but some days or special occasion I like bold colors! :)

  142. I love bold and bright makeup[: However, there are times where neutral pastel colors are best.

  143. I am in love with bright colors in the summer time! I tan so, brights pop even more

    And I leave my prescious pastels for the winter :)

  144. Soft and pastel, i’m very pale, with bright eyes, so I add emphases to my eyes and keep my lips soft, my complexion calls for alot of soft pastels, I’d love to have a chance to win this! :)

  145. I love wearing soft pastel makeup if I win this lip gloss collection maybe I could kick it up a notch & be an 80′s Diva at weekends and be studious and plain jane at work!;)

  146. I like to change things up, whatever mood I am in depends on the colour choice. Personally I like both.

    Lately I have been rocking bright eyes with a nude lip.

    All my photos are on my website above.

  147. I like to wear the soft pastels but every once in a while ill shake it up and wear something a little bit bolder

  148. I love wearing soft pastel makeup because I’m a beginning and I don’t want to look a mess with the bright colors so until I think I’ve fully mastered doing my makeup the way I like it I’ll stick to soft looks

  149. i like bright and soft colors im dark so i want something that shows but isnt out there to hit u in the face

  150. Bright colors in the summer; soft pinks and nudes in the fall and winter. :)

  151. I love doing both !!! I love to do bright flashy colors when my husband and I go out on a date, but on a casual day I stay more to the neutral colors. I love playing around in the mirror trying to mix and match colors also.

  152. OK, theses colors are absolutely amazing! From natural to fearless, I have a ton of ideas to match them, from eyes to shoes..! Could make-up be a addiction?? lol! Beautiful lip gloss palette, fashion trendy right on the spot! Good job! :)

  153. I love to wear soft pastel colors!

  154. Okay These colors are awesome and would love to be able to try each and every one of them. I love BH cosmetics so far every product I have tried has been perfect :)

  155. It depends on what my eye makeup looks that day, i will match up a soft lip gloss to bright, vibrant eyes and a very bright lip gloss to light, neutral eyes to give a bright pop of colour

  156. Depending on the time of day or event usually determines what shades I wear. For a casual day look I tend to wear the soft pastel makeup, but if I am going out, then I tend to go bold!

  157. I’d say pastel, but not baby-ice cream pastel, but more neutrals or taupy, washed put colors :).

  158. I love the colors. Perfect for Summer!!!!!Bold colors my favorites.

  159. I love bright colors because I’m a MUA/hairstylist .. And I’m always walking advertisement. I would love these to add to my growing kit. I don’t have any gloss that’s this pigmented.

  160. i love bright pink or purple, they really pop. i feel naked without colored lips.

  161. I rather go for a soft pastel colors because If i am going to a party I don’t want to stand out, just blend in the crowd I’m shy :( though the gloss colors are gorgeous

    Thanks for the giveaway Julia and congrats on this first blog post, hope you have way more ahead:D

  162. I prefer wearing bold,bright and soft pastel makeup because each look that is created has its own individuality i feel that individuality in makeup helps you express and personalize your looks i wouldnt be able to pick its my passion and i use and love all the styles :)

  163. I prefer the bright and bold. During certain seasons, I wear the pastels. Overall, though, bright and bold are better for me on a day to day basis. It helps to balance with my big brown eyes.

  164. It depends on the other makeup I’m wearing w/ it. If I’m wearing mascara,I like to wear bold but if I’m going for a more natural look I wear a more toned down color.

  165. I have to say I love the pastels. I like how it gives me the soft mystery romance feeling . It makes my lips appear sweet and it balances my face.

  166. Nothings like being original & standing out for sure I love the bright bold colors!

  167. I love wearing soft pastel makeup.

  168. I’m in love with wearing bright bold colors because I love to stand out. Pastel colors are what I normally wear, but bold colors make me get noticed. And by the way, I love the attention!

  169. i love wearing bright corals especially for summer

  170. I cant go a day without lip gloss! This would make me the happiest girl in the world. It would also be awesome to have for when I start beauty college.

  171. Forgot to say I love bold and pastel colors, it depends on my mood and outfit.

  172. I mostly west soft colors on my lips cause I wear bright bold colors from the bh 1st edition palette on my eyes!!

  173. I like the pastel colors since I have a fair complexion

  174. I love every single one of these colors. I’m just starting out in the make-up world but I’m obsessed with bh cosmetics…<3 <3 <3

  175. I like to wear soft pastel colors. I feel like they look better with my skin tone.

  176. I love to wear neutral makeup on the regular basis. But I do love the BOLD look. (Nicki minaj type) It’s very fun and shows your personality through makeup. Even whenI wear my natural looking makeup, I add a pop of color with eyeliner. :h

  177. I love wearing a little of both bold & Soft! If I play up my eyes with more bolder colors then I will use a soft pastel on the lips, OR a brighter lip with more of a neutral soft eye :)

  178. These look AMAZING!!! <3

  179. I love the soft and pastel more.. i’d luv to win..

  180. I’m more or a soft pastel girl :)

  181. I love the pinks, nudes, and sometimes i go crazy with the reds….I just love bh cosmetics <3<3

  182. I love wearing bright bold makeup.

  183. I love to wear both! I believe that there is a time and place for everything and with so many different things you can do with makeup why limit yourself? I like to try a different look everyday!!! Bold, pastel, neutral…I love them all!!!

  184. I love wearing both, depending on the occasion and also my mood of the day….on days that i feel all hyped up n happy, i’ll go for bright n bold….on other normal days, i prefer to stay natural and go for softer and pastel colors….I LOVE BH Cosmetics Lipglosses<3<3

  185. I love pastel colors with a natural look… however, there are occasions that i love bright and bold colors, because its fun to try new colors and give myself a change!! I feel like a totally different person w every different make up i wear!

  186. I love wearing bold coloes cause I am not afraid to be different and stand out!!! I love wearing different shade to see what suites me the best!!

  187. Soft pastels are the way to go <3

  188. I love both! Usually I go for the softer colors during the day, but if I feel like I need a boost in my mood, I go for the bolder and brighter colors!

  189. i love wearing soft pastel makeup (: that would be my First choice ^.^ , but also depending on my mood or place that i’m might be going to i would wear bright colors (:

  190. These items will be really great to have because it will help me expand my collection. It will also be grat to experiance the different type of colors that you have to offer. :)

  191. I like to wear both. If I have a natural eye makeup I wear a bold lip color.

    If I have a bold eye makeup then I wear a soft pastel lip color. But I love them both. They go with anything especially a nude lip. I am very flashy and a out-there kind of gal. So it would make me so excited and happy to win 10 of your amazing lip glosses. I would rock them everyday! I buy products from BH Cosmetics ALL the time! I can’t get enough! I but at least 2 items ever 1-2 months! I just love that the products are inexpensive and high quality and the eyeshadows are amazingly pigmented! I just LOVE y’all!

  192. I would just love to win these lovely BH lip gloss. I love to switch my look up to go with my mood. I feel the great colors of the lip gloss will help complete my looks.

  193. I’d love to win. I have three eyeshadow palettes from BH Cosmetics and I thinking heavily about purchasing a lip palette.

  194. I love wearing both, but it depends on how bold or subtle my eyeshadow is. Sometimes with a subtle eyeshadow I love to wear my gloss on the bold side and when my eyeshadows on the bold side then of course my gloss is on the subtle side. Just because sometimes too much makeup is just “TOOO MUCH” and the point of make up is to enhance our natural beauty not hide it(: and each color helps do so.

  195. If I go neutral with the eyes, I go bold on the lip and vice versa!

  196. Well I’m a person who puts on their makeup depending on my mood and what I feel that day. Some days I want to be bright like a pop princess and other days I just want to be natural and simple. When I go to work in the mornings, I want simple, classic but nothing too flashy. After work I want to be fun and draw the right kind of attention. That’s the beauty of makeup…..it’s whatever you want it to be.

  197. I usually wear soft pastels but have lately been venturing out to bold colors and I am loving it

  198. I love wearing bold make-up, but it has to be blended well and applied tastefully. I’d have to say smokey eyes are my favorite look, for day or evening. As for lip color, I definitely prefer a soft, natural color in a nude tone.

  199. I love both! There are some days when I’m in the mood for a natural look and then there are other days when I want my eyes and lips to really pop! Good move bring the lip liner “back” its really hard finding colors outside of the basic nude now…

  200. I love the smokey neutrals with a hint if bold bottom liner and stained lips

  201. I love both..I wear BRIGHT makeup if I want to look SEXY and soft pastel for a more NATURAL look..

  202. I use all depending on what I’m doing that day, but I love using more on the bold side with sometimes a little pop of color:) I always use BH Cosmetics!

  203. i love wearing both :D it depends on my mood that day . I love make up!! thanks for this giveaway!!

  204. I Like soft pastel makeup? But for special event’s A Little Bright and bold!!!!! A litle pit of more sexiness ;D

  205. I love to wear bright colors! They compliment my style more than pastel colors.

  206. I tend to get really dark in the summer thanks to my Greek roots, so I LOVE wearing bright lip colors with a neutral eye. Let the lips be the center of attention ;) I love BH cosmetics! Affordable and amazing quality :)

  207. It honestly depends on my mood, if I wake up in the morning feeling bold…well then hello hot pink lips! But usually I like to go with the softer natural looking pastel colors :)

  208. I prefer to use bold colors for parties on a smokey eyes and neutral pastel colors throughout the week on the eyes for interviews as well. On the lips I love wearing nude lipsticks with an under lip liner to make the lips look fuller underneath and a tint of lipgloss in the center of the lips to give it a shine :-)

  209. I absolutely love wearing bold, bright colors, but I also like wearing soft, natural colors also. I love wearing a lot of bright colors, but I usually do my makeup to match what I am wearing. It’s never the same.

  210. For a long time I didn’t think that there was makeup made for me. But over the years many beautiful women had show me that don’t limit yourself try new and different things when you feel beautiful you look beautiful I love BH cosmetics…it help bring beauty to life..TY :-)

  211. I am definitely a bright and bold kind of gal, I love my bright bold and edgy style and rock it well ;) But don’t get me wrong I definitely love to change it up and sport some sexy pastels and even natural colors too… After all variety is the spice of life, is it not!? I would really love to have your whole collection, I am absolutely in love with the two that I have already!!! Holla

  212. I love nudes and pinks. Always have one lip product of each color in my purse.

  213. I Love wearing bold colors!! Being a Pinay, i have “morena” skin and playing with colors really go with it. Plus it also shows vibrance and brings out the youth in me.

  214. Bright bold colours!! =)

  215. I love wearing soft pastel makeup. It gives the face that natural look!!

  216. i am all about bright stand out makeup that most people wouldnt dare walk out of their house wearing but i do love my laid back more soft natural pastel like looks too. Makeup is all about the art and diversion. You can do anything you want to express yourself and i just love taking full advantage of that.

  217. Both. Bold eyes with soft lips. Soft eyes, bold sassy lip color

  218. It depends on my mood, what I’m wearing, where I’m going…so it’s good to have variety! :D

  219. I Looove bright and bold colors on my eyes and lips. can’t wait to try these out

  220. Hello,hope all d best wishes!!

    I like to wear light-weight makeup in day n bold-smokey makeup in evening wid light shaded lipstick.As I am always in d tend to focus my eyes.As eyes are always attracted by all at first sight.

  221. I like wearing bright colours most of the time! I only wear pastels when i’m in a hurry or I think i may not be received as well with bright colours, lol. :)

  222. I like both! I prefer bright colors for special occasions and on rainy days (to brighten my mood). I like softer colors for everyday wear. :)

  223. I love wearing bold and pastel colours..its always gets to switch between two different styles from time to time!

  224. I know that in the business world,a nude or soft lip is normal. But I’m not normal, I love bold bright colors. I’m an eye catcher who loves the attention of being seen. If and only if I play up my eyes with a bold colors will I rock a demure lip. Cause when i’m demure is when I’m dangerous :)

  225. I love to wear colors that go with the seasons and with whatever outfit I am wearing. Make up of all sorts is a must have anywhere I go.

  226. I wear bright pinks and nudes, not really fond of browns and reds though… But I think I’m ready to try the dark rosy colors…

  227. soft pastels!

  228. I love bold and bright colors. They stand out on my caramel skin! I love it makes my brown eyes pop and look even more beautiful.

  229. I would rather wear a more pastel color because my lips are naturally very red, so to change things up I like to dial it down with a nice coral color. Although, when I need to make an impression I do tend to lean towards the more vibrant options.

  230. I prefer to wear bright and outgoing makeup! Especially to school. I tend to be quiet due to my social awkwardness and anxiety, my body is my canvas. I like to wear crazy clothes and dramatic strange makeup to school.

  231. I am all for wearing bold makeup! I like so stand out and it gives me such confidence! I love colors and experimenting with different looks! Thanks BH Cosmetics!

  232. Am loving the bright & bold colors they go on so good for the summer. For lips I love the 80′s diva and nude color my favorite. I LOVE BH-COSMETICS PRODUCTS!!!!

  233. I like the studious shade!

  234. i like soft pastel make up ..specially in summer :)


  235. I love both! Sometimes I’ll paint my lips nude then adjust to a little bit of color. Other times I’ll put on mascera and paint my lips bright pink! I can’t go wrong either way.

  236. For my lips I love nudes and soft pinks. :). For eye shadows I love bright bold colors. :)

  237. I love wearing bright bold makeup especially I like wearing bold lipsticks because it really brightens up my face and makes me look alive and well rested

  238. I love the lip gloss collection you guys have although I wish i can wear all the colors everyday I cant. When I am work bound i try to stick to the nude colors that will compliment my eyes or face. On evenings i go bold with darker colors and days when I have off I tend to go more crazy colors like bright pink or purple. I love this blog thing !!!!

  239. I love to wear colours so bold and bright make up fits me, so that my eyes will pop out even more. finish the look with nice soft pastel lip gloss with shimmers and Im on my way to shine! :)

  240. i love to wearing bold colors in winters especially at night n pastels at day time n in summer.

  241. On regular days I like to keep it pretty neutral wearing soft and pastel makeup but for a night out I like wearing bright and bold colors. Also it’s depending on the season, in spring and summer I usually wear brighter makeup than in automne and winter. (:

  242. i love it its so beautiful, i prefere the dark pink its gorgeous!!!!

  243. I love pastels … I usually go for a soft clean look but can go for a Smokey eye here and there :-)

  244. It depends on the mood, but I love soft tones and lots of pinks :)

  245. I love love bold and bright colors I love my small lips to have a chance and stand out with color I especially love pinks and mauve !

  246. Both, I love make up and depending on the occasion I chose what kind of make up I’ll put on

  247. Usually bright and bold. However, I do like to wear pastels soft makeup. Sometimes ill do a soft eye with a bold pink lip or something cute like that. :) it all depends on mug mood I guess.

  248. Wow, these are some beautiful and bright colors! perfect for the summer time. I’m usually a plain jane type of girl but I would love to be a diva this summer and wear this wonderful line of lip glosses by bhcosmetics.

  249. Between bold and soft, depends on the mood. I’M just starting my collection and I heard BH was the best.

  250. Just starting my collection and I heard BH was the best.

  251. I actually love both….just depends on my mood!

  252. I love wearing the soft subtle colours, light pinks and peaches. My daugther looks great in the bright youthful colours.

  253. I first learned about bh cosmetics

    from YouTube. I tried it and loved

    It! So far I have almost all the

    eyeshadow palettes, missing a few.

    The lip liners are creamy and blend

    nicely with the lipsticks and glosses.

    I love trying new looks all the time.

    I practice on my daughter and her

    highschool friends. They love it too!

    I even did they’re makeup for prom

    And they all looked beautiful and

    different! I love bh it allows for total

    creativity at a great price and quality!!

    So brights, pastels, and nudes love

    them all!!! Thanks!

  254. Primarily pastel, but occasionally bright colors too.

  255. I like to use both!! Everything depends on the occasion… Love bold and pastel makeup.. All 10 colors are fabulous!!

  256. I mostly wear soft pink shades but for some occasions I go for red nd Bright pink :)

  257. I love bright neon colors on my lips, Not only do they make my lips look more kissable . they make people notice my lips more and I enjoy that, Jean

  258. I love light to dark lips to make a great look. I love bh pallets I could imagine how great the lip gloss is. Great combination:) love it:) stay beautiful;)

  259. I love wearing bright and bold lips, but also deep dark lips. I want to add more lip colors to my make up drawer. More so than lip stick and gloss, I am searching for good lip liners. Sometimes bh cosmetics lip liners don’t have the color I need.

  260. love to wear both soft and bold colours depends upon mood :)

  261. I think I would love to wear is soft colors because it makes it feel so springy and summer it also makes me have this warm feeling when looking at the soft color of the lips.

  262. I love all colors. Lip gloss are a great way to keep your lips nice and pretty:)

  263. i go with soft pastel make-up to have a more natural look. <3

  264. wearing soft colour for my everyday look.thanks for creating beautifull palletes

  265. I just love all the rich,new and bold colors….winter,spring,fall,summer…day and night last but not least sexy and casual.. I can’t achieve all the look that I’m going 4..BH you have a costumer for life…ty:-)

  266. i love bold and bright makeup

  267. I am a bold and bright lip person. Thanks for this giveaway

  268. Bold for the eyes, definitely… But I have really full lips, and I don’t want to draw much attention to them (silly, I know!) so I prefer more nude or pastel colors there

  269. Soft, pastel colors!

  270. It all depends on where I’m going bright and bold to party in and soft to the mall or to the park I also mix colors often to find perfect shades for my skin tone Thanks for reading :)

  271. I always love to play just one area of my face like a bold smokey eye with neutral lips or a bold summery orange lip color with toned-down neutral eyes(:

  272. i like wearing soft colors for the everyday use and bright colors when im going out to parties or special events, it all depends,but i love all of your lip glosses they are pretty colors :)

  273. I usually prefer a softer look, pinks and peaches and such, but i love a bright coral or a deep blue toned red for a special occasion! thanks for quality products time and time again!

  274. I will go with the pastel Color because it makes me more natural and not so much color

  275. I love wearing a bold lip because i always get compliments on how good it fits my face and personality. Although i also lovee to wear soft & pastel colors when i feel like looking more natural and sweet ^-^

  276. I love bold colors and light colors I love from light rose to dark red love bh cosmetic.

  277. I love bold colors from light rose to

    Dark red I love bh cosmetic.love u guys:-)

  278. i love wearing bright colors and i love photography so i take pictures of myself alot and the bright colors just make everything pop and i love it : D

  279. I love bright and bold makeup trying new colors and strutting new styles is what I’m all about!

  280. I prefer to wear soft pastel looks, but bright and bold on occasion.

  281. im just starting out but the bold colors on my eyes are great i just need to get the lip colors together..

  282. I love both. If I really want to show off I use the vibrant colors when I am fiesty and fun. But I like subtle colors bc it brings out more natural beauty when ur feeling lazy ;)

  283. I love wearing bold and bright makeup. I think it’s a lot of fun and I like to be different. I love the lipglosses because they are not sticky.

  284. i like all things in bright colors–it’s fun wearing lip colors in bright colors–i smile more in bright colors!!!!!

  285. I love to wear bold colors. It is so much fun. My lips are one of my beauty accents and I need to highlight them!

  286. I like wearing bold and bright colors!

  287. I love wearing bright and bold colors…. Im not affraid to stand out and try something new.

  288. I’m usually bold and bright for For Summer 2012 I’m simply obsessedddd with nudes.

    Since moving to the USA last year I am absolutly loving the huge range of brands and products available here!!! <3

  289. I love wearing both. It depends on the occasion or what I’m going to be doing or how I’m feeling .

  290. BRIGHT. Forever and always bright. I like to stand out!

  291. Totally bold and bright! It’s hard to pull them off n the winter, so in the summer I go wild :)

  292. I would usually play it safe and rock soft natural colors, but I’ve became bored and decided one day to stop playing it safe and have a little fun and incorporate color into my everyday look. I’m hooked! My 120 palettes have been getting plenty of use since I have “discovered” color.

  293. I like Both! I tend to go for pastel makeup to achieve a (natural look) by day and bold & bright colors (eye shadows) by night . :D

    Mixing it up is key!

  294. i love wearing bright and bold makeup….

  295. I have always been a pastel girl, no matter what time of year it is, and I would love the chance to try some of these gorgeous BH lip glosses!

  296. I love wearing soft pastel, I really like my eyes so keeping it simple/soft on my lips helps pull the focus up to my eyes.

  297. i love wearing soft pastel colors because it’s define my features and its look clean while I was going or out to the gym.

  298. I have big lips and dark skin, so I tend to stray towards the more subtle pastel lip colors. However, I would like to step out of the box and try a more intense bold color.

  299. I prefer doing a neutral winged eye look, and bronze cheek. Than for a pop of color I wear a bright pink or red-orange lip ;)

  300. Bold and bright!!! No question about it. Go big or go home.

  301. I enjoy going bold. I’m a firm believer of pushing the envelope without looking trashy. I don’t like playing it safe.

  302. Pastels don’t suit me most of the time since I have an olive skin tone, so bright & bold all the way.. especially red lipstick!

  303. I love smokey eyes with unexpected colors. I like both light combinations and darker. With the darker eyes I prefer light bright lipstick. Thanks for BH and the wonderful pallets I’ve bought and pick your own color pallet I have a large supply of eye shadows on hand for any occasion. Since I found BH cosmetics around a year ago I’ve been taking advantage of all their sales. Easier to have a broad spectrum to work with. Keep up the excellent products.

  304. I enjoy wearing both, depending on the outfit I’m wearing. Sometimes I wear soft pastel colors other times I like to jazz it up a bit with bold daring colors….

  305. Emiliemontoya

    I love all 3 i have the 80 diva just might get the other 2….thanks for showing this… I <3 BH