MUA Monday – Summer Lip Colors

Summer is the perfect season for trying new and vibrant colors, especially on the lips. I took advantage of the wide color selection in the 66 Color Lip Gloss Palette to show you a few trendy & fun Summer lip shades that can be achieved with this palette.

1) Pale Peach – I chose to go with a pale peach lip color because it’s soft, classy yet still adds a nice pop of color to the face. You can intensify or lighten this color to the desired shade that matches your complexion best by using the white lip color found in the upper corner of the lip palette. Mix gradually into the bright color (of your choice) until the desired shade is achieved.


2) Orange Ombre – Yes, orange. It’s not a far stretch from the hot tangerine and coral lip colors so popular today and can add a really nice touch to the lips, putting a twist on the classic red lip look. I decided to have some fun and created an “ombre” effect with this lip color by using the white and red colors from the lip palette.

Remember to have fun with your makeup! There are many ways to get creative!



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