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Fall is a busy season for many of us! You may be going back to school, starting a new internship or job, or maybe you’re simply trying something new. No matter what you’re doing, the #1 rule to remember is to be CONFIDENT. Here are my Top 3 confidence tips that will help you conquer anything!

1. To be confident, you must first love yourself! Focus on the positives and don’t compare yourself to other people. Stand up tall, wear something you love, smile, make eye contact and be proud to be you. Everyone is special.

2. Join a sports team! You will develop a new skill and meet new people. Exercise will also boost your confidence by keeping you toned and healthy.

3. Focus on good posture, sit up tall and express your opinions in class or in the office. Stick up for yourself and your friends. Being a good person is also a great confidence booster.

To celebrate YOU, BH Cosmetics and I put together a giveaway that will keep your makeup drawer stocked-up for the rest of the season. We’re giving away a prize pack that includes the following items from my last guest blog post: BH Party Girl Palette, Contour & Blush Palette, Lip Gloss in Studio, and Blending Brush!

Here are the rules & how to enter:

1) Comment on this blog post with 1 confidence tip!

2) This contest is open internationally. Void where prohibited by law.

3) Must be at least 13 years old.

4) Contest closes on September 6, 2012 at 3pm PST!

5) 1 random winner will be chosen and contacted via email.

Thank you all for reading! Visit my blog, YouTube or Facebook to keep up with me!


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  1. Best way to get confidence is to remember to use at least 1 makeup product you love and know will look good on you!

  2. Be comfortable with who u are. If ur happy with yourself nothing else should matter. U make your own happiness :) if someone doesn’t like u for who u are then that’s their problem….that’s when u smile and go on with your day and someone who is true and genuine will come along and appreciate u for being yourself :)

  3. To be confident you need to find your passion. By pursuing an endeavor you love most, you will feel confident because you ENJOY doing it and you will enjoy the progress u make while doing it.

  4. Gabriela Rangel

    Hello, I’m from Mexico, and I like to be always positive, it is important to feel beautiful always. Every day I use sunscreen on my face, I think it’s a good way to take care of my skin. I like to win. Always follow your post Annie, you’re my inspiration.

  5. Jennifer

    Confidence tip: dont live in regret wishing you would’ve acted on a situation live everyday like it was your last with no regrets with confidence and beauty! Xo

  6. Tatianna

    Clean up your mind and think positive for confidence!


  7. Raisa Rahman

    1) A confidence tip from me is when going back to school or internship or job you should always raise your hand and participate . If you start talking in front of a small crowd , it will help build your confidence so you can start speaking in front of a bigger crowd with no worry.

  8. nataliejerebic

    Don’t be scared to talk to others, friendships can flourish from the smallest verbal exchanges! :) Thanks for the giveaway!! :D

  9. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.

  10. Don’t pay attention to negative comments! The things other people say shouldn’t affect you. Love yourself, don’t bother with what everyone else thinks

  11. Ashley Moua

    My confidence tip for women is to seek beauty beyond appearance. External beauty is necessary to a degree considering looks determine if someone wants to approach and get to know you or not. But I believe that confidence should derive from personality, a good heart, and even talent :) Take pride in the unique qualities you have because every woman is blessed with something special. Be grateful for everything you love about yourself and possibly even dislike because that’s what makes you, YOU. Acceptance of oneself is the beginning of amplifying confidence.

  12. Do what your heart says is right. Doing what’s right without putting it off gives you confidence!

  13. Try something new and keep a positive crowd around yoursef! :)

  14. Nice post Annie :). My tip for being confident is:
    Dont aim for universal popularity/approval and do what you believe in.
    Email id-

  15. Always start out the day with positive mantras and reasons why you love yourself. If you start positive, it’s easier to stay confident through the entire day.

  16. krystaldeee

    One confidence tip is: stay true to yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not just to fit in, you’ll find people with similar interests who surround you with positive energy :)

  17. work hard & play harder!

  18. Penpa Dickey

    The past does not equal the present, you can choose to change your life.

  19. My favourite confidence tip: If you are looking to get noticed in a crowd (for example at a party) walk casually and leisurely with your shoulders relaxed and rolled back, chin slightly raised (not too raised or you will look arrogant), smile wide, and make eye contact with as many people as you can.

  20. One of my confidence tips is to think that there are no students in the classroom..this way I am able to speak without being shy :) Kisses from Italy!

  21. my tip is to try to make friends every day and to always be sweet! hope to win :) love you annie!

  22. Smile a lot. I feel myself more confident when i can smile. :)

  23. it’s very important to tolerate and accept other people. if they see that you give them a chance to open they’ll give you everything back. being a good person gives you always confidence!

  24. You cannot put your self higher than anyone else and not lower. Understand that you are all from one, the whole universe. Everyone wants and deserves to be himself. And to be happy.

  25. Strawberry

    My #1 confidence tip:
    Be always nice to everyone then they will be nice to you! :)

  26. When someone tells me “no,” it doesn’t mean I can’t do it, it simply means I can’t do it with them.

  27. To recent college graduates! Don’t be discouraged, you will prosper. Yes, for some there seems to not be jobs available in your field but there will be. I suggest that you daily put on your game face (makeup, professional dress, etc.) and network, network, network. All is not lost. You will prosper.

  28. Gabriela Gómez

    SMILE! Having a beautiful smile is one of the most important first impression items you can have. This will give you tons of CONFIDENCE

  29. Lissi12

    Smile! It’s the best confidence booster and very contagious!

  30. Mariana

    Try something new and break out of your comfort zone just to challenge yourself and live a life with less limitations!

  31. jamie t.

    I think another confidence tip is to never lie to yourself, your friends, family, everyone. Being loyal and respectful makes you feel good about yourself. Have a beautiful day! xoxo

  32. Calli W

    Wear or keep something special with you, even if no one can see it, you’ll know it’s there and feel more confident.

  33. Remember you are a bona fide original and the world needs you. There is no other YOU in the world. You’re unique.You’re here for a reason and that reason is to be the BEST version of YOU that you can be.

  34. Get a makeover!, not necessary drammatic. You can put highlights or change up your make up. Buy something you were eyeing awhile or you want it badly. It will feel as a fresh start, it felt to me ;)

  35. Do not let anyone define you! You have to let people realize that you are who you are and they can take it or leave it. pay 0% attention to people who are out only to get you and hurt you. So, never try to fit in a “mold” created someone else created for you!

  36. my confidence tip is to remember that all your friends are with you and love you for a reason:)

  37. Federica

    I visit your blog every day, Annie! and i love your videos! Thanks for this giveaway and for your advice!! xoxo Federica :D

  38. Federica

    Hello Annie! I visit your blog every day!! I really love your videos! Thank for the giveaway and for the advice! xoxo Federica ;D

  39. Hayley Smith

    My confidence tip is to do what makes you feel good so your not scared to be who you truely are and it will boost your confidence being comfortable.

  40. My confidence tip would be to always smile… you will look and feel pretty… as a quote says “a woman’s best curve is her smile”

  41. Bethany

    My confidence tip is so be who you are. Let your personality show through your clothes and makeup, don’t allow other peoples standards to show you into a box where you have to look ‘normal.’. Don’t be afraid of bright colours, if you wear your personality, people will see it and see you’re confident in yourself.

  42. Cynthia Alonso

    Hello Annie, I love your videos. My confidence tip is to never give up. Try,try again.

  43. Try to do things that scare you…you’ll be much stronger after that..!

  44. Jannet Rivera

    My confidence is to always be smiling and to walk with my head held high(:

  45. My confidence tip is to surround yourself with positive people. Having a positive mindset will aid in you being confident in whatever you do.

  46. My Confidence tip: Do what’s best for you and not to the expectation of others.

  47. Ana Villarreal

    My confidence tip is to eat healthy and exercise! It would make you feel better with yourself in an instant and you’ll be able to proyect all that confidence. If you feel good, you’ll look better :)

  48. Always be yourself live to keep yourself happy as you can’t please everyone and you only live once fulfil your dreams and don’t live with regrets x

  49. Deborah

    My confidence tips is always trust in my self. I could do it!

  50. My confidence tip is to love the skin you’re in. Wake up each morning with a positive thought in mind.

  51. My Confidence tip: Do what’s best for you and not to the expectation of others.

  52. Feel good about yourself. If you look down upon yourself then others will look down on you also.

  53. My confidence tip is to be happy with yourself, and know that you are beautiful in every way. Never ever let anybody tell you otherwise! If you love yourself everybody will love you back just as much :)

  54. My confidence tip is to be decisive! Making decisions and knowing what you want oozes confidence. It’s ultimately about having confidence in your ability to make decisions and state your opinion and in turn you will feel and appear much more confident :)

  55. My best confidence tip is to remember the great qualities that your friends love about you. It will remind you how fabulous you are!

  56. Confidence Tip: Never let anyone bring you down verbally or physically, always have a smart mind and a strong heart.

  57. Tip : Be yourself ! It’s the best thing you can do and smile !:)

  58. one confidence tip is to be a leader and not a follower. Don’t fall into peer pressure but be bold in your character and be the leader people follow.

  59. My confidence tip is to always be yourself! Being comfortable with yourself is key with whatever you decide to do in life and people usually flock to people when they are being their fabulous selves! =]

  60. CONFIDENCE TIP? love yourself for who you are!! you are special!!

  61. confidence tip would be do always smile!!

  62. wear clothes you feel pretty and comfortable in and that will give you confidence

  63. always love and trust in your beliefs that’s my confidence tip

  64. try your best and if you succeed that will give u confidence, if you don’t you tried your best and that’s what counts

  65. Leticia Costa

    My confidence tip: beauty comes from the inside… if you treat your body well and realize you are worth it, you will attract so much beauty and positivity- inspiring others and letting your natural confidence shine! I hope I win this, it would mean the WORLD to me. I could never afford this.

  66. Tiffany

    My confidence tip is to eat healthy and be happy. You must start internally before you can change externally.

  67. My tiip is to just be yourself, allways.

  68. chedlia

    My confidence tip is to always have a Smile on your face. It’s the best way to stay confident and positive.

  69. My confidence tip is to always have faith in yourself…remember:no star is too far to reach.

  70. My confidence tip is to always stay positive, stand up tall and just smile. Because nothing can stop us from what we want except having a negative mindset. Keep smiling people!(:

  71. Confidence tip: Spend a couple extra minutes getting ready in the morning. When you know you look good, other people will realize it too <3

  72. zinfandel

    my confidence tip is to know that you are beautiful. it may be a challenge but when you realize that yourself, nobody can put you down

  73. one of my
    Confidence tip is to fake it.

  74. just be good to your self , do not treat yourself badly. LOVE it

  75. try to make new friends , be social.

  76. Jessica Avitia

    My advice is to remember, everyone has beauty. Confidence comes within, so whatever anyone tells you, YOU have to feel it. You have to feel comfortable in your own skin, and love the person you are.

  77. It is so simple. Stay positive. Everything else comes along with a positive attitude ;]

  78. Best Confidence tip is to be good to yourself! Buy yourself that cute new purse. Give yourself a manicure! There is no need to treat yourself harshly. Recognize your strengths and help develop them! AND learn to accept compliments. It’s okay to say “thank you!!”

  79. Bridgetjuliette

    My confidence tip would always have to be If you like what your wearing and feel don’t let anyone tell you other wise stick to want you love to wear even if it diferent and youre the only one who thinks it awesome I have gained lots of confident on the type of close I LOVE to wear :) and I Love it!

  80. Multibeatylover101

    My confidence tip is to try expressing opinions to a mirror first and then doin it in person will be easy(:

  81. my confidence tip would be to do exercise,, you will look and feel great after a great workout !!

  82. my tip would be to eat healthy and that food that goes into your body will just do the work

  83. my tip would be to be a nice person and give the best of you, that way you will receive the best

  84. my tip would be to give the best you are to others and that will return t o you , that way you will have confidence

  85. my tip would be to trust yourself and know what you want

  86. my tip would be to always try your best and work for yourself and not try to meet others expectations but yours

  87. my tip would be to trust yourself and feel safe in your own skin all the time

  88. My confidence tip would be to mingle with as many people as possible. Peers can help you boost your confidence a lot. And of course, looking the best you can and an always positive attitude helps!

  89. My confidence tip is to start your day with a workout and healthy breakfast! You will feel good about yourself!

  90. My confidence tip is to stand and sit up straight. If I’m feeling low I always sit up and it instantly refuels my confidence

  91. Yesenia Mercado

    My confidence tip would be know what works for you wether it is a perfect blush, perfect hairstyle, or a perfect lip color. Knowing what works for you is key because that will reflect and people will see your confidence.

  92. confidence tip would be to have the support of your family in your dreams.. their support will give you confidence to achieve your goals

  93. i really want to win this lol
    confidence tip would be to always stand up for yourself and what you believe in.. this will give you more respect from others therefore confidence

  94. confidence tip would be to wear bright colors. these colors can make you feel happy therefore you will have more confidence in yourself

  95. my confidence tip would be to listen to inspiring music that will make you feel good

  96. my confidence tip would be to always try something new every day.. this will make a habit and therefore you will have the confidence to do something different or challenging

  97. my confidence tip would be to face a fear you have and once you face it you will see how small it actually was and that will give you confidence for bigger things

  98. my confidence tip would be to read the bible and know all the promises God has for you and for your life

  99. my confidence tip would be to always be surrounded by positive people and to ignore the people who want to bring you down

  100. Yvancka

    My biggest confidence tip is to make every effort you can to see the best in others. We are all connected, so when you see good in others, you begin to see the good in yourself as well. :)

  101. DaniLu27

    My confidence tip is to ALWAYS trust and belief in yourself. :)

  102. Anonymous

    My tip that I use and tell to my friends is to remember that everyone around you is going through the same things. Whether you are starting high school, or college; everyone is on the same level as you. ;)

  103. wasifa ahmad

    I will share one confidence tip that I follow in my life… open your mind and broaden your knowledge. Because I believe a beauty with brain is much attractive than just beauty with no brain.

  104. Federica

    my confidence tip? BE YOURSELF!

  105. Kiran Boparai

    My confidence tip is to use your imagination – visualise all the good things that could happen after a difficult task, like a presentation for example and how you can use this to your benefit. If you’ve already thought of a positive outcome, chances are, what you’ve hoped for will happen because it’ll be in your head and it’s what you want! :) x

  106. Jana Soriano

    My confidence tip is to smile. This is the best accessory you can wear

  107. My tip would be to love yourself and always smile. You never know how far just a smile can go!

  108. Lili Gomez

    my confidence tip is to love the way you are and never feel bad about yourself. everyones beautiful in thier own ways. Love everything about yourself. always say something positive about yourself never let yourself feel down. :)

  109. Monique Nicole

    Confidence tip: Stay strong and never let anyone tell you that you wont make it!

  110. love yourself for who you are

  111. love yourself for who you are!!!

  112. be the best you can be and always smile.. always think about your virtues

  113. my confidence tip is to trust yourself and do things you believe in!

  114. Christina

    The secret to being confident is to not paying attention to what other people have to say about you! JUST DO YOU!

  115. My confidence tip is to stop trying to figure out what other people think about you, just be yourself and do not think to much! :)

  116. Irma Cervantes

    MY confidence tip is stop trying to make others happy and put yourself first with whatever you do. Ignore the haters.

  117. Tatiana

    One of the best things I’ve learned as I have gotten older is that you should accept your flaws. Everyone has them, and they are what make you who you are. Embrace those flaws and know that you are beautiful =)

  118. Kushal Shah

    keeping in mind that there is no other person just like you anywhere in the world

  119. Love yourself and believe that is better to try doing something and fail then regret not doing it the rest of your life! Follow your dreams not matter what other people think! Think positive!

  120. Confidence tip: Be comfortable with who you are. If you are happy with yourself, nothing else should matter.

  121. Daniella

    Believe in yourself. How you think and present yourself is how others will see you. Stay confident and people are bound to notice your exterior as well as inner beauty :)

  122. Most of the things that makes u insecure is that you set high demands for yourself. Mostly are the demands higher for yourself as for others. The most importent confidence tip is that you don’t do that. You don’t have to be better than others, you don’t have to be perfect

  123. Ashley Nicole

    My confidence tip is that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of you, all that matters is that you are happy with who you are(: Be yourself and you’ll be amazing.

  124. Ashley Kristi

    Be yourself.

  125. I make it a point to look at myself in a mirror, shiny reflection of a car, or store window, and remind myself that I am beautiful, smart, and fun to be around when I am out and about and feeling a little “less than”. Especially when I am feeling like that because I happen to be fabulously fluffy.

  126. My confidence tip is be yourself, love yourself and you will succeed!

  127. According2kana

    on my bathroom mirror I have a note taped on it….it says I am beautiful. I am sexy. I am Vibrant…I am ME!! & I repeat that mantra to myself whenever I need to…instant confidence boost!

  128. Jessica

    My Best confidence tip is to know that no matter what may be on the outside…you love yourself for whats on the inside. Beauty is deeper than the skin

  129. My best confidence tip is to stop comparing yourself to others and trusting your own convictions :)

  130. My best confidence tip is to always remember your best qualities and remember to let it shine through!

  131. sarah nguyen

    my best confidence tip is to STOP HATING yourself for everything your AREN’T, and START LOVING yourself for everything you ARE

  132. My best confidence tip is to not try to live up to what other people’s standards of beauty are. If you constantly compare yourself to what society says the ideal of beauty is you will never feel confident in your own skin. You have to letter your inner beauty always radiate through and that is what makes a person beautiful. Confidence that you are good enough is key :)

  133. Jamie Sharp

    Always push yourself! You are capable of things unimaginable until you put yourself to the test! I have, and I am so much more confident now looking back on my accomplishments!

  134. remember the good qualities you have

  135. love yourself for who you are

  136. Make a list of things you have accomplished no matter how small they are. As you read them try to feel proud about yourself and think about how much more you are capable of! Believe in yourself.