Labor Day Makeup

The beauty of long weekends: There are so many places to see, people to meet, things to eat, and most importantly, makeup to wear! Today is Labor Day and the best way to celebrate is not just with good company, but with fun & festive makeup! Take a break from the usual office or school wear, and try something new. Here are a few colors we think would be perfect to try today:

On your Eyes: Blues! Try blending a frosty blue with a true blue. Or, if you want to go smoky, wear a navy blue. Any of these colors would be perfect to create a liner with if you want to stay somewhat mellow. These colors can be found in our 88 Color Cool Matte Palette. If you’re feeling daring, apply a blue gel eyeliner, like Fresh, on your lids and pack on glitter! Nothing screams “It’s my day off!” like sparkling eyes.

On your Lips: A peachy coral lip color is a safe shade to wear during the day or night. Or, go for red if you’re feeling patriotic! Don’t forget your lip primer underneath! Grab our 66 Color Lip Gloss Palette for a wide variety of shades.

Post your Labor Day looks in the comments below!

One comment on “Labor Day Makeup

  1. Ellen Yu September 3, 2012 5:08 pm

    Such pretty colors! Gotta love shimmer

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