A Change to Your Smokey Eye Makeup Style

A smokey eye is one of the most iconic eye makeup techniques. It can transform your look from plain to pretty, from simple to sultry. But simply doing the same smokey eye over and over can get boring and predictable! You want to stand out from the rest, don’t you? Spice up your style with the following techniques for your smokey eye makeup look:

Draw a Cat Eye

Thanks to celebrity icons like Adele and Amy Winehouse, cat eyes are currently all the rage in fashion. Drawing a cat eye with eyeliner can really pump up the drama of your usual smokey eye look. Try using our Liquid Eyeliner for dark, precise lines. Depending on your personal style, your cat eye can be long and thick or skinny and subtle. No matter how you draw it, it will transform your eye makeup look from ordinary to extraordinary.

Change the Colors of your Smokey Eye Makeup

Gray, black and brown tones are not the only colors you can use to make a smokey eye. Purples, blues, and greens can be used to create the perfect smokey eye look. If you want to try a different color on your lids, make sure you choose tones that are of varying hues, ranging from light to dark. Our 28 Color Smokey Eye Palette has a color combination that can be used for a traditional or colored smokey eyes.

Add Fun Accents to your Eye Makeup

Try adding your own personality to your smokey eye style! A conservative dash of glitter can show off your fun side and make your eyes really pop when caught in the light. Additionally, adding metallic colors to strategic points on your eye, like under your brow line or in the crease of your eye, can be a subtle way to highlight your eyes. Shiny colors in these areas can brighten your eyes, making you look younger and night-ready in an instant.

Your eyelids are like a canvas, and you can paint them however you want. Making these small changes to your usual smokey eye look can send your eye makeup fashion game off the charts, and will ensure you stand out in the crowd.

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