The Best Hairstyles for Fall 2012


Just like with fashion, hairstyles change with the season. Sure there are timeless styles that will always be chic, but there’s definitely something to be said for changing things up once in a while. It may seem a bit cliche to say, but a change of one’s look really can adjust their whole outlook on life. So, what’s your outlook going to be this fall?

The five hottest hairstyles for fall:

The textured braid – We’ve seen this look already during the spring, but it’s going to stick around through the fall and winter. Whether it’s fat and loose, french, or fishtail, this braid is messy and effortlessly chic. The best part is that it’s great with casual-wear, or for that off-duty model going-out look.

The faux bob – Love the look of the bob, but afraid to take the plunge? You don’t have to. A major trend is the flapper-inspired faux bob. It’s as simple as creating a few crimps in your hair with a curling or flat iron and folding your hair under, then pinning it for security. This looks amazing for a night out.

The middle part – Over the years we’ve seen the part shift from side-to-side and back again, but for the fall, that vintage, no bangs, middle-part look is back. This goes great with dark eye makeup for a mod look or with more subtle makeup for an early 1970s vibe. It’s amazing how simply shifting your part can make your whole face look different.

The 1960s bob cut – In keeping with the vintage trend, a popular cut for fall is the mod bob. For this look, there should be a lot of volume at the crown. This cut works with bangs or no bangs. It’s all about texture and movement; you don’t want the hair too flat or straight. This cut works well with modern or vintage fashion, but ups the edginess when combined with dark eye makeup and a pale lip.

Thick, textured bangs – As mentioned before, bangs are still around. This fall, however, they are thicker and more textured. Think early ’90s, rather than ’60s here. These bangs look great with long, straight-ish hair that’s not too groomed. It’s a very rock ‘n’ roll look. Bangs for the fall are about being wild and carefree. Prim and proper was so spring 2012.


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  1. Kristy Cohen September 25, 2016 10:07 pm

    I did this and went to school ( only year 6 ) my friends flipped and asked were I got it from and I said for a AMAZING person

  2. Chrissy January 2, 2017 9:22 am

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