Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey BH readers! RissRose2 here again, wanting to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

One thing that most people look forward to at Thanksgiving is all the food!! That’s a given! Eating with your family or with your closest friends! One way I prepare for any holiday is by having craft-time my little girls! This year we made napkin holders for the dinner table. Last year it was place mats. Not only does it add sentimental value to each holiday dinner, but it’s also something that the girls look forward to every year. The family always admires and loves each detail of the table setting! Thanksgiving is a time for family, and with my family I like to do yearly traditions as well as talk about all the things that we are thankful for in life!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. And don’t forget to enter my giveaway of BH products here.
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