Achieve the perfect eyebrows

Eyebrow styles have continued to change with each decade, making it hard for fashionistas to stay on top of their game. Despite the fact that shapes and sizes go up and down on a weekly basis, there are certain tips for achieving the perfect eyebrows that stand the test of time. InStyle magazine recently broke down how to style your brows like a pro in a few easy steps.

Figure out the arches
The first step in transforming your brows for the better is to define your arches, as this can give your face an instant lift. To get great arches, start by placing your finger above the outer half of your brow and then lift up the skin. A beauty expert told the magazine the arch should be where your brow naturally bends.

Next, fill in your brows with a pencil to create the shape and then pluck one row of hairs from the bottom while following the natural shape.

Match your brows to your hair color
If you're thinking about going darker or lighter with your hair, make sure to keep in mind that you'll also need to apply some dye on your brows. There is nothing worse than having light hair and black brows and vice versa. Another important tip to consider when dying your hair is what eye makeup works best with different colors. Brown hair ladies look best with blue and brown eyeshadow, while redheads are gorgeous in green and gold products. Blondes normally dazzle in purple and brown hues. 

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