Get Nicole Richie’s striking Golden Globes makeup

The fabulous and funny Nicole Richie is known for standing out in a crowd and her appearance at the recent Golden Globe Awards was no different. The reality TV star-turned fashion designer looked gorgeous in bold blue eye makeup that ladies everywhere need to try now.

To rock a similar style to Richie, start by purchasing an eye primer, dark blue and black eyeliner, metallic powder blue eyeshadow in a cream version and a frosty pink lipstick. If you can’t find a cream-based blue shadow, get some Vaseline instead.

When you have the products, start by applying the primer on your top lids and let it set for between one and two minutes. After the allotted time, swipe on the cream-based shadow up to you crease lines. If you need to use Vaseline, get a bit of the powder-based shadow and put it in a little bowl. Next mix in a dollop of Vaseline and when the consistency is nice, apply it the same way on your top lids. When the eyeshadow is stunning, rim your bottom lids in the dark blue liner and then switch over to the black version on top. Spread the liner out thicker toward the outer corners. Finish this blue goddess makeup by swiping a few coats of volumizing mascara on your top and bottom lashes.

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