Blush ideas to try now

When it comes to prettying up the cheeks, most fashionistas turn to traditional pink blush to do the trick. However, Glamour magazine wants chic ladies to ditch the old faithful hue for something a bit more lively.

You might assume that the color red is best reserved for lipstick shades, but Glamour doesn’t feel the same way. If you’re still on the fence, look to the gorgeous Miranda Kerr, who was recently seen wearing a true red blush on her perfect cheeks.

The experts report the use of red blush should be reserved for a date night or a major event, since it’s meant to draw attention. Feel free to keep the cheeks the center of attention or enhance the style even further with red lips to match.

This lighter, more muted look may be more well-received among modest women. Despite its more natural vibes, the hue works effortlessly to provide your face with an almost golden glow. The gorgeous Kate Hudson has been known to steal the show wearing this color blush.

Hot Pink
Red might have been a stretch for some ladies, so trying out hot pink may seem even crazier. However, natural beauties like Kate Bosworth have been seen stopping traffic wearing this shade on their cheeks and ladies might be excited to try it. Rock this style with minimal products on the rest of your face for best results.

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