California Makeup Palette Collection: Malibu Palette Review

By Morena of TheDailySwatch

This BH Malibu palette is new to BH Cosmetics and is part of the California Makeup Palette Collection. It’s filled with bright, fun colors and is a must-have for summertime. It’s $10 and has 16 eyeshadows and 4 blushes.

When you open up the sides of the palette (which are magnetized), there’s a relaxing picture of a beach setting.

There are two sets of eyeshadows, one on each side. The left side is bright and colourful, while the left side is more neutral. Each side is made up of two quads and the colours in each pair well together. This makes it easier to create eyeshadow looks.

The back of the palette states:

“Become a sparkling beach babe with cool & warm shades of eyeshadows and face powders. Use this makeup palette for the perfect sun-kissed glow that every Malibu It-Girl craves.”

Here’s a close-up look at the eyeshadows. You can see that each quad contains a mix of matte and shimmer eyeshadows.

The above photo is of swatches from the left side of the palette. The matte finish ones can be applied sheer or built up for an opaque look. I especially like the rich dark brown one!

The eyeshadows on the right side of the palette are more neutral and most of them are shimmery. These shimmery eyeshadows apply nicely and are easy to blend. If you’re a fan of blue eyeshadow, I think you’ll really like this palette! The blues are what makes this palette perfect for the summer.

I recommend wearing these eye shadows over a primer (like the BH Cosmetics Eye and Lip Primer) or a cream base (like the BH Cosmetics Eye Crayons), but anything you have that is similar will do the trick. Eye primers help keep eye shadow on your eyelids and will make it last all day without creasing. Eye crayons also intensify the look of your eye shadow!

When the palette is opened up fully, you can see the four blushes and the mirror. Like the other palettes in the collection, this comes with two highlight colors and two blushes.

I like that this palette comes with a variety of colors and finishes of blushes and highlighters. The highlighters have a soft glow to them while the blush at the top right has a bit more shimmer for an added glow. The matte blush at the top left makes for a great everyday blush and applies sheer at first, but can be built up for greater intensity.

I really like the last highlight shade. It’s subtle and doesn’t come off as overly shiny. I really like the matte blush as well!

I can see myself bringing this palette on vacation and using it in the summertime! While the palette looks really bright and fun, there are also some neutrals in there to help tone things down and bring the colours together. The palette is small and compact, has a good-sized mirror and is perfect for anyone who likes to wear bright and fun colours. If you’re looking for something to bring on vacation, this palette is it!

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  1. de best July 3, 2016 5:01 pm

    I just got the palette today and I want to know how to use the highlighter

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