How to highlight like a pro

Looking your best typically starts with selecting a great ensemble that helps boost your confidence, and applying the perfect makeup to enhance your natural beauty. The fabulous Lauren Conrad recently discussed the best way to highlight your complexion on her website, The Beauty Department, and the steps are sure to help you glow all over.

To highlight like a boss, you'll need a few specific cosmetics, including an illuminating lotion, a powder brush, foundation and a makeup sponge. When you have all of the necessary items, start by applying a small dollop of the lotion onto the palm of your hand.

Next, use your brush to grab tons of the foundation and then mix it together with the illuminating lotion already in the palm of your hand. From here, LC recommends you "imagine and visualize a figure 8 on its side like an infinity sign or a masquerade mask around your eyes." Use this technique to apply the mixture around your eyes in the pattern two times. Then blend the products in using your fingers. 

Lastly, put a bit more foundation in the palm of your hand and then use the sponge to apply it all over your face – but remember to avoid the highlighter area around your eyes.

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