Incorporate the color of the year into your eye makeup

Each year Pantone reveals the "it" color of the year, and 2013 will be bold thanks to emerald acting as the new go-to hue. Even though you might already be rocking emerald-colored jeans and accessories, Glamour magazine recently broke down how to wear the hue by way of your eye makeup and the styles are daring, yet fabulous.

Kelly green shadow
A great way to use green on your eyes is by investing in kelly green eyeshadow or eyeliner. For this style, simply swipe the hue on your top lids in a stripe starting at your inner corners and moving it out past your brow lines for a bold cat-eye glow. Add a touch of light mint or cream shadow at your inner corners and tons of mascara to stun.

Enhance your bottom lids
If you're not ready to rock such a bold statement, then this next idea may be perfect for you. For this style, you'll need to invest in a metallic light mint green or seafoam green eyeshadow as well as a baby blue variety. When you have all of the products, start by swiping the blue hue under your bottom lashes from the inner corners to the outer region. Next, go over the hue with the light green color for a gorgeous, unexpected pop of color. Pair this look with mascara and a layer of black eyeliner on your top lids for definition. 

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