Neutral smokey eye: Is it possible?

When most people think of smokey eye makeup dark hues like black, charcoal or gray tend to come to mind. However, Elle magazine reports there is a new way to rock this style and it starts with neutrals. 

Neutral smokey eye might sound like an oxymoron, but the fashion experts at Elle report it's one of the most stylish and universally flattering trends to date. To rock this style, you'll need creamy eyeshadows in hues like light gold, dark brown and bronze. 

When you have the materials, start by swiping the light gold on at your inner corners, then use the dark brown hue on your lids to the crease lines. From there, use the shimmering bronze color on your creases to just below your brow lines for major drama. Use the same hue to apply a thin layer on your bottom lids as well. 

You can spruce up the style even further by rimming your top and bottom lids in a dark or medium brown eye liner. Since this trend is meant to be soft, keep the rest of your makeup just as delicate. A touch of peach lipstick on your lips and a similar colored blush on your cheeks may work best.

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