How to look prettier in an instant – courtesy of Rihanna

When it comes to makeup, most ladies have a few tricks up their sleeves that help them feel more confident with every application. Even if you're set with your current beauty regimen, who wouldn't want to learn a simple way to look more gorgeous? Glamour magazine recently revealed a super subtle update that can totally change up your entire appearance for the better.

According to the fashion and beauty experts, the ultra gorgeous Rihanna recently rocked this easy eye makeup tip and you should too!

The way to enhance your eyes is to pay attention to the area directly under your eyebrows. Using a shimmering eyeshadow or glossy product on this spot helps to not only make your arches seem more defined, but also enhances and opens up your peepers in a flash.

If you're like Rihanna and want to wear warm eyeshadow, stick with a gold or copper colored hue under the eyebrows to perfect the style. Make sure to switch up the hue depending on the colors you feel like wearing on your eyes on any given day.

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