Would you use glitter as eyeliner? Chanel approves of the trend

The biggest names in Hollywood have ditched sunny California in pursuit of the latest fashion trends during Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013. Even though most ladies are looking for the latest styles in clothing, many in attendance of the Chanel show couldn't take their eyes off of the models' eye makeup

Vogue magazine reports models in the show certainly stood out thanks to a thick layer of gold and silver glitter along their upper lash lines, acting as eyeliner. The makeup artist for the show added he and his team worked tirelessly to glue specks of the metallic sparkles to each model's lash lines, spreading some out past the brow lines for a dramatic cat eye style. 

"We're even attaching a few to the very tips of the lashes. That way, it really catches the light," the artist told the magazine backstage.

The look was finished off with a thin layer of black eyeliner on the model's bottom lashes, and a touch of light pink blush on their cheeks. This sassy style is bold, but thanks to the more neutral colors of the glitter, could be a great option to try for a girl's night out or even New Year's Eve. 

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