Emmy Rossum dares to be blue

Actress Emmy Rossum is no stranger to taking risks both in her movie and TV roles and when it comes to fashion. The gorgeous brunette recently rocked stunning deep blue eyeshadow that has us wanting more. If you're looking to make a statement this spring, blue may be the way to go, Glamour magazine reports.

For this style, you'll need metallic silver eyeshadow, metallic navy eyeshadow and mascara. To begin, apply a touch of the silver shadow at your inner corners, spreading the color out a bit on the top and bottom to create a "v." When this section is perfect, use a makeup brush to switch to the blue hue. Follow your lash lines on your top lids to cover half of it and the push the hue out past your brow lines for a cat eye style. 

When the top lids are gorgeous, apply a thin layer of the blue hue on your bottom lids, connecting the line past your brow lines on top. Finish off your eye makeup with a few coats of volumizing mascara on your top and bottom lids. Since this style is so bold, make sure to keep the rest of your cosmetics minimal – a touch of clear gloss on your pout and a light peach product on your cheeks will be divine.

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