BH Malibu: Beach and Party Look Tutorial

Our California Makeup Collection: BH Malibu Palette can take you from day to night.  Whether your on Spring Break and need the perfect beach babe look or you’re ready to party the night away, this palette has all the shimmers and mattes you need to create the perfect look.
Malibu Beach Look:
The beach look is created with the eye shadow colors that appear on the Left half of the Malibu palette. If you prefer a ‘natural’ makeup look but want to play off some color- apply a bright shadow to the inner corners of the eyes & softly blend it up into the center lids. This is a great way to try fun colors without doing too much.
-Use the Classic Smudge Brush or the Small Smudge Brush for this step. The small, stiff brush with help with more accurate application & blending of the shadow pigment.
-Try it with the shades on the Left –  such as the lime green, yellow, or sea blue!
Malibu Party Look:
If you’re interested in creating a bold night time look with the Malibu Palette – try using the deeper blue shades from the Right of the palette.
-Blend the shades from the inner corners of the eyes out into the lids. Start by using the Small Smudge Brush and applying the mint blue shade into the inner corners.
-Then, blend the shimmery blue & pale emerald colors up into the center lids using the Contour Blending Blush.
-Use the deeper browns from the same half of the palette to contour the creases & outer corners.
-Fill the waterlines using the Gel Eyeliner in “Atlantic” or “Pacific.”
-One of the deep navy blue shades can also be blended down into the lower lash line with the Small Smudge Brush.
Both lip colors were selected from the 66 Color Lip Gloss Palette! Which lip color would you wear with these looks?

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