How much is enough when it comes to beauty products

Let's be honest, it can take quite a few products to look and feel great each morning. If you opt to wear everything from concealer to blush and bronzer, it might be smart to know how much of each to wear, to both look great and save some money. Women's Health magazine recently discussed how much of certain products you need to fully cover your face. 

Face cream
If you start each morning by applying a face moisturizer, then this tip is for you. The experts at the magazine report you need about two shelled peanuts worth of lotion to sufficiently cover your entire face. Apply one tiny dollop first, and then the second on top for complete coverage.

When it comes to hiding pimples and other imperfections, concealer is certainly your best friend. But just like a good friend, over-using it for your problems can lead to issues in the relationship. Women's Health reports you can easily avoid looking a few shades darker on your face than your neck and the rest of your body by applying just a bottlecap's worth of the product. 

Blend the cream or matte item across your forehead and nose – common trouble areas, and then use what's left to cover your cheeks, chin and jaw line. 

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