Get the matte lipstick look at home

When it comes to fashion and beauty advice, Lauren Conrad continues to be on trend with tips on her blog, The Beauty Department. Most recently, the former reality TV starlet offered up some knowledge on creating sassy matte lipstick at home and trying this is a must.

To achieve this perfect pout style, you'll need a few products including your favorite lip color and a matte-style powder blush in a matching hue to the lipstick.

With products in hand, start the transformation by applying the lipstick all over your lips, beginning in the middle and working out toward the edges. Next, dip your index finger into the blush and stamp the color on top of the lipstick. Keep applying more until your entire pout has a gorgeous matte finish and voila! Your pout will be pure perfection whether you're heading out on a hot date, or to the movies with friends. 

Since the lips are meant to stand out, it's best to keep the rest of your look simple. A touch of peach blush on your cheeks and a bit of eyeliner and mascara on your peepers are sure to be gorgeous. 

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