Top nail polish trends for spring

When it comes to beauty and style, ladies used to only have to think about what clothes and makeup trends were in. However, in 2013, nail polish colors and looks are also all the rage. Luckily, Cosmopolitan magazine recently broke down the top colors of spring so you can easily match your nails with your go-to eye makeup and lip gloss

Sassy neutrals
Similar to the neutral craze in eyeshadow this spring, when it comes to nails, shades in light peach, dewy pink and even off-white seem to reign supreme. You can spruce up your next manicure by selecting a gorgeous peachy-color and add some life by applying a top layer of shimmer golden sparkles to stand out. 

Pale blue
Another hue that is popular on the nails and eyes is lovely pale or sky blue. This fresh pop of color is the perfect way to say hello to warm weather – and it will look even better when you have a tan!

Anything but boring beige
Earth-tone shades have been popular on the runway as of late, and these muted colors are great for spring since you can add pops of color and life through your accessories. Next time you paint your nails in a light brown hue, sass up your eyes wearing bold blue or purple shadow to let your true colors shine through. 

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