How to apply false eyelashes like a pro

Having long, voluminous lashes can instantly make a girl feel beautiful. However, if you weren't blessed with such full lashes, there are ways to improve the look thanks to false lashes. It might seem easy enough to apply the lashes after you finish up your eye makeup for the night, but the procedure can actually be a bit trickier than you might think. 

Lauren Conrad recently dished on the easiest and most efficient way to rock false lashes, here's her best advice from her blog, The Beauty Department.

For the procedure you'll need false lashes, lash glue and tweezers. With ingredients in hand, start by first squeezing a bit of the glue into a clean bottle cap to give it time to get stickier. After about two minutes, use the tweezers to pick up a section of the lashes, dipping the end into the glue. 

Place the section directly on top of your own lashes, sticking close to the lash line for the most natural feel. Continue to add sections to your top lids, placing them close to one another for the fullest results and then finish off with a bit of mascara for stunning eyes that are sure to draw attention.

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