Which blue works for you?

The colors of spring are out in full force in terms of fashion – even if there is still snow on the ground where you live. If you're looking to learn the signature color of the season, look no further than blue. Glamour magazine reports this versatile hue is stunning in light and dark shades, making it a perfect option whether you're going out during the day or night. However, not all blues look great on different skin tones, making it important to figure out which hue looks best for you.

Fair-skinned beauties
Ladies who weren't blessed with olive or caramel toned complexions might be psyched to gain a bit of a tan in the coming months. However, since you're probably quite fair now, it's best to look for blues with cool undertones – such as periwinkle or silvery gray-blue eyeshadow

Medium-toned babes
If you have the luxury of looking beautifully tan all year round, you're able to spice up your blue with jewel-tone varieties. A color like turquoise is best, adding a pop of color that will work to enhance and brighten up your peepers in a flash. 

Dark-skinned divas
Women blessed with stunning dark, chocolate skin tones might want to opt to use blue as their go-to smokey eye makeup instead of traditional black. The experts at the magazine report using navy or cobalt blue instead of black eyeshadow will help ladies with darker complexions stand out and shine.

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