‘Game of Thrones’ star steals the spotlight thanks to fabulous eye makeup

Actress Emilia Clarke currently stars on the hit HBO show "Game of Thrones," and she made sure to stand out among her other cast members during the recent party in honor of the show's third season. Not only did Clarke impress with her bold dress choice, but also with her stunning and fresh take on the smokey eye.

Clarke dazzled the red carpet wearing a mix of light cream, blue, purple and gray eyeshadow on her peepers, which she effortlessly mixed with pops of pink and peach on the rest of her complexion.

You can achieve a similarly gorgeous style by first swiping on the blue hue along the lash lines of your top and bottom lids. Next, switch to the gray hue and apply it on your top lids up to the crease lines before changing to the lilac hue. Use the purple color to highlight your eyebrows and help your eye color shine. Complete the stunning makeup with a touch of the cream shadow at your inner corners and tons of volumizing mascara on your lashes. 

The great part of this smokey eye is that it was subtle enough to allow Clarke to have fun with her lipstick and blush. The brunette beauty donned a light pink gloss on her pout and a peach-toned product on her naturally high cheeks. 

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