Get glam this weekend

The weekend is almost here, making it the perfect time to think about what you’ll be wearing to that huge party. If you have your outfit picked out, but aren’t sure what type of makeup to rock, consider glamming it up to look fabulous and fierce all at once.

The beauty experts at Marie Claire magazine recently listed the items and products you’ll need to step up your makeup in a flash. The first step in any show-stopping look is getting false eyelashes – these will give your peepers major volume without the need of crazy of over-the-top eyeshadow or liner.

Since you’re looking to achieve a sophisticated style, it might be nice to refrain from your typical smokey eye makeup and instead opt for a similar style using warm brown and gold hues. Enhance your lips using a totally sassy red gloss, to not only show off your fabulous pout with the color, but do so in a less intense way than say a true red lipstick.

Add a dash of shimmery peach color on your cheeks to create a sassy sun-kissed look that is sure to have your crush wagging his tail.

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