Selena Gomez spreads her style wings at Kids’ Choice Awards

Hollywood's most fun night – the Kids' Choice Awards – recently took place and tons of fresh stars turned up to strut their stuff while having a great time. The gorgeous and grown up Selena Gomez made sure to show ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber what he's missing by rocking a pretty white shorts and blue blouse combo. 

Even though her style was on point, it was Gomez's fresh makeup that really took the cake. Gomez was stunning and a bit of a risk taker thanks to her trendy blue eyeliner. The actress and singer enhanced her eye makeup by first applying a light shimmery gold eyeshadow on her top lids up to the crease lines before switching to a cream hue at her inner corners. She then rimmed her deep brown peepers in black liquid liner before swiping on the main event. Gomez dazzled thanks to the addition of light blue eyeliner under her bottom lids. The style worked to freshen up her style, while proving she was ready to have fun. 

Since the eyes were meant to be the focus, Gomez kept the rest of her look simple – a touch of shimmer on her cheeks and a peach lip gloss on her pout did the trick. 

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