One simple beauty trick to stand by

When it comes to looking fabulous day in and day out, there are many beauty rules that fashionistas must try to follow. Whether it's always moisturizing your pout before applying red lipstick or using a brush to blend in your eyeshadow, certain procedures are a must if you always strive for excellence.

Glamour magazine reports ladies might want to slow down their entire morning process in order to look as perfect as possible. A professional makeup artist informed the magazine the key to a gorgeous face is waiting about five minutes between each step in your cosmetic routine.

"Wait a full five minutes after you clean, tone, and moisturize your skin to allow the products to properly absorb," the artist told the news source. "And if you apply primer – and you should – wait another five before applying your foundation and everything else."

The reason behind the wait game is to allow each product to set into your skin fully – waiting less time could result in a few products blending together, thus changing the way both are supposed to look. Ladies in a rush might want to try pressing each product into their skin to help speed up the process a tad.

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