Best beauty advice from the runway

When it comes to rocking clothing perfectly, most women turn to runway models for advice. Not only do they get to strut their stuff in the hottest ensembles created by the top name designers, but models also gain knowledge on what's hot in the makeup world. Since the majority of us aren't built to rock the runway, the experts at Glamour magazine recently exposed a few of the top makeup tricks from backstage to give everyday ladies a chance to look and feel as fabulous as Gisele. Here is the best advice to soak up:

Highlighter works best in three's
The first tip to think about is how to best use highlighting products. According to the makeup artist behind the models at this year's Jenny Packham show, use the product on your face in the shape of a "3." The expert recommends starting to apply highlighter at the center of your forehead before spreading it out toward your temples and down toward the upper tip of your nostril. From here, spread the product out along your cheekbone, ending at the middle of your chin, and completing the "3" formation. Do the same thing on the other side of your face to perfectly highlight the areas that naturally get touched by the sun.

Lipstick: Not just for your pout
Some ladies might assume that lipstick is best used on their pouts and blush is strictly a product for their cheeks. However, the makeup artist at the Alberta Ferretti show dares to disagree. The expert told Glamour blending a few lipsticks together to use on the cheeks can actually create a more natural looking "flustered" appearance than using a standard blush. 

To best achieve the flustered appearance, try mixing together a peach lipstick and a raspberry-toned product on your cheek, to see how the colors blend. If you like the style, dab a bit of the mixture on the apples of your cheeks, spreading it up and out toward your temples for a natural feel. 

Beauty Pros at Real Simple magazine added dotting a bit of the red lipstick you're wearing on your lips on the apples of your cheeks can help coordinate a stellar look in a flash.

Get a perfect glow with metallics
Creating a glowing look is not just for your cheeks, the style is also a fabulous effect for the eyes. The makeup artist at the Osman show in London improved the appearance of models' eye makeup thanks to blending a few metallic shades together. 

The makeup guru decided to swipe a layer of metallic silver shadow on the fashionistas' top lids for a majorly dramatic effect. However, the fun didn't stop there. Instead, the expert added even more flair with the addition of a shimmering gold shadow on the models' waterlines, creating a perfect harmony between the two metals. 

Use lip liner in multiple steps
You might assume that the best way to use lip liner is to simply trace the outline of your top and bottom lids with the product. However, the makeup artist responsible for the soft peach lipstick models rocked at the Emilio Pucci show points out it's not that simple. 

To achieve a similar light-toned look, start by selecting a liner that is about one shade darker than the natural color of your lips. With product in hand, start by drawing a line at the bottom center of the lip and in both corners. Next, trace the "v" of the Cupid's bow on your top lip and then blend the lines lightly before swiping on a clear lip balm to lock in moisture. From here, you can rest easy the lipstick shade you choose to apply will stay in place – rather than ending up on your cheek or teeth.

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