Get smokey with your eyeliner

When it comes to smokey eye makeup, most ladies grab their favorite black, dark gray and charcoal eyeshadow to achieve the show-stopping look in a flash. However, the fashionista that is Lauren Conrad recently stepped outside the box – using only eyeliner to create an equally as daring look. Here's how:

First, you'll need certain tools including a chunky eyeliner, a blending brush and your go-to mascara. From here, start the transformation by drawing back and forth on your hand using the liner before dipping the brush in it to absorb a lot of the product. 

When the brush is loaded up, LC recommends ladies sweep the brush back and forth on their top lids up to the crease lines. It might take a couple of applications to fully cover the area. When the lid is sufficiently covered, either rim your eyes in the same liner, or forgo the step altogether and simply apply a few coats of mascara on your top and bottom lashes. This look is perfect for learning plans of a last minute party or deciding to go out when you're already away from home.

Since the smokey look is meant to stand out, Cosmopolitan magazine suggests ladies keep the rest of their look simple. Swiping on a light peach product on your cheeks and a similar toned lipstick with a top layer of clear lip gloss is sure to be fabulous.

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