Quick ways to whiten teeth

The old adage you always look your best with a smile is certainly true. However, if you've been "yellowing" as of late, there are ways certain lipstick and other cosmetics can help hide or diminish the unsightly appearance. 

According to Cosmopolitan magazine, one of the best ways to help fake your way to whiter teeth is by wearing red lipstick with blue undertones. True reds, raspberry reds, and even funkier peach-toned red lipstick will all work to boost your smile. On the same note, using lip glosses that come in sassy hues with deep color pigments can also help your teeth seem whiter. This is because the pigments help cancel out the yellow tones on your teeth, the experts report.

Even though such beauty products can really help how white your smile gets, another easy way to do so is by dabbing a bit of hydrogen peroxide on your teeth. Using a Q-tip to go over your teeth helps to remove stains, leaving you with a cleaner, brighter mouth. 

According to the Huffington Post, flossing on the regular and munching on crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, pears, carrots and peppers also works to reduce build up in your teeth.

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