Makeup trends guys go gaga for

If you ask most guys what they look for in a girl, one who wears minimal makeup is likely on the list. Not only does this allow your beau to see the real you, it also means you'll spend less time getting ready. Glamour recently discussed a few looks guys swoon over and trying them could land you a date with that cute guy from class.

The top choice among the men surveyed is ladies who look natural. This means rocking a nude or light pink lipstick, a touch of sun-kissed bronzer and shimmering gold eyeshadow paired with a modest cat-eye flair.

Another popular style guys favored was luscious and long eyelashes. You can achieve this simple and fabulous look by either investing in false lashes or using an eyelash curler, primer and then mascara on your top and bottom lashes for perfection. 

Glossy lips, ultra sassy smokey-eyes and dewy or glowing skin were other big beauty winners among the opposite sex. Yahoo! Shine reports a bold lip color is another go-to style when you're with your guy. Opt for a fun tangerine or a true red hue on your next date night.

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