Learn how to master the strong brow style

Nothing is more stylish in 2013 than thick, strong eyebrows. If you've been trying to grow your brows out with no such luck, Lauren Conrad is here to help. The designer and beauty pro discussed using makeup to get the look on her blog, The Beauty Department. 

According to LC, for this trend you'll need a matte eyeshadow palette that features hues that are the same color of your eyebrow hair and an angled brow brush. 

With products in hand, start by running the end of the brush under water to dampen it. Next, dip it into the shadow and swipe the brush back and forth on your hand to help limit the amount that will end up on your brows. Too much product will make the application look unnatural. 

When there is still a bit of the shadow on the brush start to use it on your brows, filling it in while following your natural shape. Grab a Q-Tip to fix any mistakes made. 

According to Babble, tons of celebrities are rocking the thick brow trend as of late. Everyone from Kourtney Kardashian and Jessica Alba to Penelope Cruz and even Angelina Jolie has tried the look, meaning you're in good company. 

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