Beauty treatments to try before a big date

Getting ready for a date with your crush is equally as exciting as it is nerve-racking. If you've got the perfect outfit picked out and have tried on tons of cosmetics, selecting the most gorgeous bronzer and eyeshadow combo, you might think you're all set to go. However, there are certain beauty treatments you might want to undergo first to ensure you look fresh as a daisy.

According to Seventeen magazine, a great way to help hide the fact that you were up all night waiting for the date is to use tea bags to de-puff your tired eyes. Simply purchase iced-tea green tea packets and throw a few in the fridge. An hour or two before the date, take them out, open them and place them on your eyes. The caffeine works to minimize blood cells, while the antioxidants help reduce inflammation, the experts report.

Waking up with a huge pimple on your face could be reason enough to cancel a date. However, there are ways to limit its appearance in a flash. Daily Glow website recommends applying a cream that contains salicylic acid can help to tone down the redness of the pimple. Next, cover it up in the most natural way by using toner or cover up with yellow undertones. Make sure to apply the product directly on the pimple for the most even look possible. 

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