Learn how to lift your lids

Eye makeup maybe the most important part of your morning routine. Not only does gorgeous eyeshadow and fun eyeliner help you feel confident, these products can also ensure you look fabulous for any occasion. Even though shadow, mascara and more get all the credit, Lauren Conrad wants ladies to get to know another eye-perfecting item, highlighter.

LC recently discussed the major wow factor highlighting the area under your brows can make on her blog, The Beauty Department. According to the reality TV star-turned beauty goddess, you'll need a light pink matte pencil and a steady hand. 

Grab the pencil and start to apply it under your brow line at the inner corners, drawing a line all the way to the outer corner. Next, use your finger to blend the color into your skin, and if you blend too much, simply add a bit more and then blend again.

LC reports, "You should blend it enough where you don't see the line anymore, but not too much that it's not effective."

The experts at MSN Living report another reality TV star, Kim Kardashian, uses this trick too, and told the news outlet it's most important that ladies shape their eyebrows well before drawing attention to them.

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