Cara Delevingne can do no wrong

When it comes to looking fabulous, model Cara Delevingne certainly has the formula down. The stunning blonde did not disappoint on her first appearance following her impressive Met Gala 2013 debut a few weeks ago. Delevingne kept with her sultry and sassy looks while attending the 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival in France. 

The gorgeous model dazzled wearing a deep red lipstick on her pout, with chocolate brown undertones in a matte finish. Though her lips certainly stole some of the spotlight, her piercing bluish-green eyes were equally as magical. Delevingne used eyeshadow for green eyes including shimmering silver at her inner corners and a darker charcoal hue on her top lids. She completed the look by rimming her top and bottom lids in black eyeliner and swiping on tons of mascara on her long lashes. 

Delevingne's bold cosmetics worked perfectly with her stunning black and lace gown. The dress boasted a deep v-neckline rimmed with lace that was also used as the fabric for her long sleeves. The model enhanced her overall ensemble wearing tons of diamonds including a gorgeous necklace and major drop earrings. 

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