Learn the secret to perfecting the smokey eye

The smokey eye style is still popular in 2013 and since the trend seems to be staying put, it might be nice to learn how to rock this look correctly, right? Lauren Conrad has taken it upon herself to educate us on the best way to apply the smokey eye on her blog, The Beauty Department. 

According to LC, the key to smokey eye success is having fabulous makeup brushes, specifically a blending shadow brush.

With tools in hand, start by first applying your go-to smokey eyeshadow and then rim your top lid in black eyeliner, going out a bit past your brow lines. Next, grab the blending brush and start to sweep it back and forth in a "windshield wiping motion" before slowing down and switching to a smaller, circular pattern. Keep switching from windshield to small circles until there aren't any more harsh lines showing. Finish the look by swiping on a few coats of volumizing mascara. 

The experts at Glamour magazine recommend taking a style tip from model Coco Rocha when thinking about what lipstick color to rock with smokey eyes. The gorgeous star dazzled wearing a bright red lip color at a recent event, and you will too. 

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