Taylor Swift perfects the sultry cat eye at the Billboard Music Awards

The Billboard Music Awards brought out an array of fierce hair, makeup and clothing, but some starlets really hit the mark with their ensemble. Taylor Swift showed once again that she knows what she's doing in the beauty department, with the perfect smoky cat eye and bubble gum pink lips.

The starlet is no stranger to the cat eye, and has been recognized by beauty and fashion magazines like Cosmo and Parade for her sexy stare. At the Billboard Music Awards, she showed off her flawless face by pulling her hair back in a fun ponytail, leaving her signature fringe that seemed to help direct viewers' eyes straight to her sultry gaze. She lined her top lids with a thick, black cat eye, layered on the mascara to show off her long, full lashes and swept her lower lid with a smoky blue eye shadow. The hint of color matched her glitzy blue minidress perfectly. Liquid eyeliner is often your best bet when achieving the cat eye look like Swift's.

Though Swift kept the rest of her look fairly simple, she couldn't let her lips go bare. The country starlet played up her femininity with a fun, candy pink lip gloss, which was the perfect accent to her dramatic eye makeup.

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