Banish under eye circles in an instant

Let's face it, we've all stayed up late cramming for that big final and even if you've retained enough information to pass, your looks likely suffered big time for it. If you've woken up more times than one with ugly dark under eyes, Glamour magazine is here to help. The experts recently listed a few ways to banish under eye issues for good. 

A great way to keep under eye woes at bay is to switch up how you apply your primer or concealer, since doing so can help you see the light.

"Apply your under-eye brightener in an inverted triangle under the eye – what I call my signature Triangle of Light – to lift and light up your face," a professional makeup artist told the publication. 

Basically, swipe the product on starting at your inner corners, then go down to make a "v" shape and finish at the outer corner of your eye for best results. Adding a touch of shimmering gold or cream eyeshadow on your under eye region can also supply you with a necessary pop of light. 

According to Shape magazine, changing up your breakfast is another key component in reducing under eye darkness. Opting to start your day with an orange is a great idea since the fruit is packed with vitamin C, which works to strengthen collagen and lift sunken areas, such as under eye bags.

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