Pump up your peepers with these tricks

Sure, we're all blessed with different things – a great butt, perfect lips or shiny hair. However, if you weren't born with bold and beautiful peepers like Zooey Deschanel, there are easy ways to fake it. Glamour magazine recently broke down the best tricks for taking your eyes from tiny to tremendous in a flash, courtesy of the fabulous Heather Graham. 

The actress showed off her eye makeup tricks during a recent stop on the "Hangover III" premiere tour. To gain gorgeous eyes like Graham you'll need false lashes, gold and black eyeliner and shimmering cream eyeshadow. Start the process by swiping the cream shadow on your top lids up to the crease lines, adding a bit more at your inner corners to brighten up your peepers. Next, grab the black liner and apply it on your top lids to the outer corners. 

From here, it's time to move onto the bottom by applying the gold shadow underneath your lids from the inner to outer corners. This step will help create a "halo" effect, boosting how big your eyes appear. Complete the stunning transformation by adding a few false lashes to add major height and drama. 

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